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Keeping safe on social media

keeping safe on social media

Social media are popular and visited by various people, and therefore it is one of the most important goals of cybercriminals to obtain information or other activities. Therefore, keeping safe on social media is very important and significant.

Privacy and confidentiality of personal information is one of the most important and controversial issues that has existed since the beginning of the Internet and later with the advent of social media. There is almost no one who wants to easily share their personal and family personal information with others without ensuring social media security.

Ways for keeping safe on social media

1-Protect your account

You should not give your social media account password to anyone and you should not allow others to steal it. Use a long and complex password and set a separate and unique password for each site.

If you think you have trouble remembering several long and complicated passwords, use a Password Manager program on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Many of these programs are written on multiple platforms and you can install them on most of your electronic devices and sync them together.

2-Use guest account in operating system

In the Windows operating system you can create user maps with different permissions. We recommend that you log in as a guest account for normal tasks, not as an administrator account.

Once logged in as a guest account, you can be sure that even if your device is infected with malware, the damage will be limited. Note that only the root or administrator account can make significant changes to the operating system.

3-Do not click on any link

Be careful about posts that have titles like “Don’t miss this video”, usually after you click on these links it will give you a message that your video player is not up to date and will give you a link to update from this site. When you click on the link, you are actually downloading a malware.

4-Be careful about what you submit

Sharing personal content can cause you a lot of problems. When you announce to your contacts that you are going on a long trip, someone may consider it as an invitation to steal your home! Your home address, cell phone, and even your date of birth may be compromised by cybercriminals, so for Keeping safe on social media control the security of your information and keep it out of the public eye.

Today, mobile social media are used for various purposes, including business, while many users do not pay any attention to what kind of information they share on social media.

keeping safe on social media trustsocial

Recognize the types of data that social media store and share

For keeping safe on social media and prevent Instagram hacking and Telegram hack, you need to know that when registering on a social platform site, many users reluctantly submit their email, gender, date of birth, and email address to these sites. Some social platforms are not content with this information. They collect information such as IP address or the type of things you liked, shared or commented on. Sometimes you are given the option to use your Facebook account to sign in to proxy apps. While this process is very convenient, you may inadvertently allow other applications to gain too much access to your personal information.

One way to make sure you do not share your information too much is reading the rules of that platform. When selecting the privacy settings of any of the social networks, look for the “Apps and Websites” option in the “Settings” section and carefully check the websites that use your information.

Refer to Norton Life Lock for keeping safe on social media

There are other ways for keeping safe on social media. Using a secure VPN is one way to prevent tracking of your IP address and browser history by companies. A strong password and maintaining cyber security will also help you along the way.

End word

In today’s age where using online services and social media has become a public epidemic, it is essential to know the correct way to share personal data and information. Publishing photos and posting different content is only a good thing if the platform you are using retains your privacy; because there are always cybercriminals and various companies waiting to get such information and they are aware of the value of this information. Utilizing privacy services such as Norton, two-factor authentication, and password management programs can also help you.

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