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Find Someone’s IP Address on Telegram

IP Address on Telegram trustsocial

Internet Protocol or IP is just like a fingerprint for each computer. It is the IP that makes Internet information visible and readable as text. But IP is a factor for spammers and Telegram hackers to attack, and it is enough to Find IP Address on Telegram to increase the possibility of any attack and internet theft. Therefore, finding the IP address to find malware, malicious agents and abusers is essential for an informed and accurate user. Reading this post will help you Find  IP Address on Telegram, a part of your lost identity that must be searched on the Internet these days!

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Telegram

  1. To access the residence area of the people you are in contact with on Telegram, first send a few messages to the desired contact.
  2. Now open CMD and type the command netstat -n in it and press enter.
  3. You will see several IPs on the page that are connected to the Internet world with different ports on your system. For example, in the above case, there are Telegram servers and Google servers and the desired person among the listed IPs.
  4. If you are not familiar with the concepts of network, internet and IP, you can enter each of these IPs on the iplocation website and find the desired person’s location.
  5. By searching for any IP, you will be shown several lines, and in each line, you will be provided with a Latitude and a Longitude, which is the exact location of the ISP of the desired user.
  6. Enter NASA’s Latitude/Longitude Finder and fill in the fields with the information you got from the previous site, then select Search.
  7. Do this method very carefully so that no mistake happens and do it when your friends send you messages.

Note: In order to be able to identify which IP is related to Telegram, close all programs that work with the Internet (such as browser, download manager, etc.) before performing these steps to minimize the number of connections. Then use the netstat command several times while sending and receiving messages with the desired person. Usually, the IPs that were repeated are related to the target audience.

IP Address on Telegram trustsocial

How to prevent finding someone’s IP Address on Telegram

Telegram messenger is a communication software that allows you to make encrypted chats and phone calls with other users over the Internet.Telegram messenger describes itself as a secure and private communication app, but a researcher has shown that in its default settings, it can Find Someone’s IP Address on Telegram when making a call. (Telegram messenger)

This issue happens because of the default settings in Telegram that make voice calls through P2P. However, when using P2P to initiate a Telegram call, the IP address of the person you are talking to will appear in the Telegram console logs.

In Telegram, users can prevent IP address from being displayed by making changes in their settings:

Settings -> Private and Security -> Voice Calls -> Peer-To-Peer to Never or Nobody

Doing so causes the user’s calls to be made through the Telegram server, thus hiding the user’s IP address, and in this way, it is not possible to find someone’s IP address.but the quality of the voice call is slightly lower.

But the problem is that while you are able to disable P2P calling and related IP leaking on iOS and Android, security researcher Dhiraj has discovered that Telegram for the official desktop version (tdesktop) and Telegram Messenger apps for Windows did not have the ability to disable P2P calling. This means that whenever Telegram is used to make a call, these user IP addresses are leaked and displayed so Telegram securtiy will be threaten.

Is it possible to change IP Address?

The easiest way to change IP in Telegram is installing IP change programs on your phone. These programs will be able to completely change your device to use any program, and thus you will be freed from filtering.

The disadvantages of this case are that:

1-Such programs are often free and slow down your usage speed.

2- You can’t determine that only the IP change should be applied to Telegram, not all phone programs!

The solution to the two mentioned cases is buying a proxy or VPN and install it specifically on Telegram.

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