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Instagram tricks that you need to learn

Instagram tricks that you need to learn – Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with Instagram and its great popularity. Many people are looking for learning Instagram tricks for improving their business and making money.

This application is about more than just communicating with people. Most Instagram users make their purchases through this platform and people spend many hours using social networks like Instagram. We have provided some efficient tricks that many people don’t know about and you can use these tricks for expanding your business and achieving success. Also, remember to protect yourself from Instagram hacking to keep your social media secure.


Use a special font for your Instagram bio

People usually use the bio section for introducing themselves and especially if you have a business account, what you write in your bio section is very important for attracting other people to follow you and one of the Instagram tricks is changing the font of your Instagram bio text. You can use this method with your mobile phone or your computer.


Creating a special font for Instagram bio via mobile

If you want to use your phone to change the font of your Instagram bio, you can use the LingoJam website. To do this, the website and type anything that you want in the left part.

  1. You can see your text with different fonts in the right part.
  2. Now choose the font you want and copy it
  3. Go to your profile page on Instagram. Go to the edit the profile section and paste your text in the bio section.


Creating a special font for Instagram bio via computer

You can use the Font Space website for using this Instagram trick on your computer. All you need to do is to enter the website and select the font that you want to use and tap on the download option. Here’s how you can change your bio font with a PC or laptop.

1.choose the font that you want from the Font Space website

  1. Download the font and open the font folder
  2. Tap on the install option to install the fonts on your system.
  3. Now enter the profile editing section and edit your bio section with your desired font.


Add a special character to your bio section

Another Instagram attractive trick is adding special characters to your bio section cause you might not find the characters that you want on your keyboard. You can use this trick on your phone or your computer.


Add a specific character to your bio section via mobile

You can use the Character Pad application for adding characters and symbols to your Instagram bio section or any text. You just need to download this application and choose the character that you want to use.


Add a specific character to your bio section via computer

For using this method, you can use the Symbol section of Microsoft software. All you need to do is to open a new Word file, write your text and choose the character that you want from the symbol section. Then just add it to your Instagram bio section.


Search the Instagram world without using your account

You might want to log in to your Instagram account by using your friend’s phone to show something to your friend and maybe you don’t want to enter your password on a different system. In this case, you can use the google search engine. Just enter the Google search field and type site: name of the user. You can search for your desired username by typing the username instead of the name of the user.


Create multiple Instagram accounts

This feature was added to Instagram in one of its last updates. You can easily use multiple accounts on your Instagram application. There are two ways for managing multiple accounts on Instagram.

The first method

1.enter your profile page and tap on the three lines symbol on the top right part of your profile. on the Settings option and then click on the Add Account option and the bottom of your screen the login to Existing Account option enter your username and password and log in to your new account.


The second method

You can see your profile photo in the bottom bar of your Instagram main page. Touch and hold your finger on your profile photo and at the bottom of the page, you can click on the Add Account option to add to a new account just like the previous method.


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