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Instagram tricks that everyone should know

Instagram tricks

Instagram tricks – Instagram is one of the most popular social networks all over the world.

Not only young people use this social network but also many adults are fans of this application and it’s good to learn Instagram tricks and improve your level. People might have different purposes for using Instagram.

Some users use Instagram for expanding their business and some of them are digital marketing experts or influencers and some people just use it to communicate with friends and family.

but no matter how you use Instagram, you can make better use of it by learning some tips and tricks. in this article, we will explain to you some simple Instagram tricks to become a professional user



Instagram tricks

  1. Be aware of the times that your favorite pages share a post

We all have a few pages that are our favorite and we like to be aware when their page is updated. for using this feature you should enable the turn on post notifications option for each of the users that you want.

To activate this option :

1.go to the page that you want on the … sign (3 dots) in the right corner turn on post notifications

For disabling this feature, repeat these steps and turn off the notification. remember that for using this feature you should first enable Instagram app notifications in your settings.


  1. See all the photos you liked

It might be interesting to see all the photos that you have liked on one page

For using this feature :

1.go to your personal page on Options (this option looks like a rotating image on the iPad and iPhone and it looks like a 3-dot vertical mark on android devices on the posts you’ve liked the option


  1. Make a collection of saved photos

One of Instagram tricks is that you can make a collection with pictures that you like. you can save photos and create a photo album.

1.go to your profile page on the bookmark option in the top right corner of your menu on the collections tab and select create a collection

4.choose your desired name for the collection on the Done option

So now you can create a photo album and save your favorite photos. You can also click on the bookmark below any post and save that photo in your collection. photos without liking them by mistake

You can search for someone’s personal photos and not be afraid of liking them by accident. You can put your phone in Airplane Mode and make sure that you don’t mistakenly like a photo. First, connect to the internet and let the images load completely, and then turn on Airplane mode to get disconnected to the internet.


5.clear your search history

Instagram allows you to clear your search history and don’t leave any trace.

1.go to Options ( rotating image on iPhone and iPad and 3 dot symbol on Android ) on your personal page clear search history on the menu yes, I’m sure


6.hide your tagged photos

When someone tags you on their post, that post gets saved in your profile and everyone can see it but you can hide these images if you don’t like other people to see them.

1.go to your profile page and click on the icon that looks like a person at the bottom of the Bio section.

2.choose the 3 dot mark at the top right the hide photos option

4.choose the pictures that you want to hide Hide from the profile at the bottom of the page


7.increase your site traffic

This trick will help your site’s SEO status. People that use Instagram for marketing can only use part of the app for clickable URLs. The only way users can directly enter your website link is through the Bio section. If you enter the link of your website in a section other than the Bio section, users have to copy the URL and paste it in their browser to be able to open your website’s link. You can ask users to click on them in your Bio and enter your website.


In this article, we explained some Instagram tricks to help you use it better. You also need to care about your safety if you’re using Instagram or any other social media to prevent Instagram hack and protect your safety and you can contact our experts for your social media security and hacking problems.

by the way if you use this tricks also you should be careful about Instagram hacking and in some other social medias.

if you want to know about telegram hacking and WhatsApp hacking , read our articles.

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