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Instagram story hack

Instagram story hack trustsocial

You may have thought that Instagram stories are very safe due to the lack of storage and disappearance within 24 hours, and you considered it a great place to realize your ambitions. But we must say that with a simple trick, you can hack other people’s stories in less than a few seconds. After Instagram story hack you can download and save them, whether image or video, on your computer.

The purpose of introducing the tricks that we will describe in the following will be more to change your view on the security and short-term nature of Instagram stories and also to become more sensitive to your privacy in social networks. Join us to introduce you the ways Instagram story hack and download and save other people’s Instagram stories on your computer.

Instagram story is seen by millions of Instagram users throughout the day. But sometimes the photo or video in the story can be so interesting that you want to download it and save it on your phone or even share it with your friends. For social media hacking story you should first become familiar with two concepts.

 Two concepts of Instagram hacking

1-There are some tools for Instagram story hack that can only download stories and highlights of Public pages, and you can only use them to download stories and highlights from unlocked and public Instagram accounts, and to use them you do not need to enter your account information.

2- There are some tools for Instagram story hack that are mostly offered for Android and iOS operating systems, to use them, you must enter your account, and with this tool, you can download the stories and highlights of both public pages and all the pages you have followed them. (Note that in this method, you can download stories from locked and private pages that you have followed them).

There are several ways for Instagram story hack and download other people’s stories on Instagram. For still images, the easiest way to save is taking a screenshot of the phone screen. But this method is not useful for downloading movie stories. Unless you use screen recorder apps to record from your phone screen, which is not fun. So if you want to save videos in other people’s stories, you will need secondary applications.

Instagram story hack through website

The first way we want to teach you is using a website which you can only enter a username that is Public in Instagram. This website called story saver, which is a comprehensive and completely free website that you do not need to pay for using it.

How to use the story saver website

1-First, by clicking on Instagram story download site option, enters the story saver website.

2-Now enter the user name in the specified box. Note that you must enter only the username without any URL or @. After entering the desired username, click on Blue Download link.

3-Now you have entered the section where you can download the stories of your choice by clicking on the blue link. At the end of the stories, you can view the saved highlights of the intended user and you can download the Instagram highlights.

If you decide to use only this website, you can save the Shortcut on the phone’s home page and if you delete the phone web pages, this website will not be removed from your phone.

Instagram story hack program

There are apps for phones and tablets that you can use for Instagram story hack and download Instagram stories and highlights. Story save app allows users to save and repost Instagram stories and highlights. With this application, you can save the stories of those you have followed, or search for a personal username and save his story. This application can be installed completely free of charge through Google Play.

Learn how to hack this social network with Story Save

1-Download and install the app from Google Play.

2-Log in to your Instagram account.

3-Select the story of the person you want to save from your list of followers or search for the username of the person you want. You can save posts, stories and highlights.

4-Click on any photo or video you want to save. You can save it on your phone device.

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