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Tricks for using the story feature of Instagram

Instagram story feature Tricks

Instagram story feature Tricks  – Using the story feature of Instagram might seem simple but this feature has enabled many people to achieve their goals and gain success. In this article, we want to explain how to use this feature and make lots of money.

The Instagram story was launched in 2016 and today, millions of people use this wonderful feature. you can read this article to learn how to make money through Instagram stories or learn about the techniques that allow you to easily work with this feature.


Introducing Instagram story section

here are some Instagram story feature Tricks : 

The Instagram story section has different features and you can publish different content by using it. After opening the Instagram application, you can see icons with the profile photos of your followers in the top bar of your main page.

And an orange line around the users’ profile photos shows that they have posted a story.

On the left side of your screen, you can see your profile photo which is the first icon. For entering the Instagram story section, you need to tap on your profile photo on the main page.

After tapping on that section, the camera of your phone will be activated. In the following, we will discuss the various sections in the Instagram story



the gallery section is displayed on the bottom left of your screen and if you want to use a photo in your gallery to publish a story, you can tap on the photo that you want and select it.


Selecting your content:

you can see the three important sections on Instagram for sharing your content:

  1. Post publishing section of Instagram

  2. Live section of Instagram

  3. Story section of Instagram


Change the camera from rear to front-facing: you can click on the icon that is on the bottom right of your screen to change the camera from rear to front-facing.


Choosing an effect for your story:

at the bottom of your screen and above the icons that we have introduced, you can choose the effect that you want and use it for your story.


Specific features of posting a story:

on the left side of your screen, you can see different icons that allow you to write on the content that you want to share. There are also other features that we will discuss in the following.


Settings section:

you can see a screw symbol at the top left of your screen and you can make adjustments to your settings by entering this section.


Camera flash:

you can see a lightning symbol at the top of your screen and you can turn on the camera flash by tapping on it. Now you can use different filters and add text and emojis to your story.


Exit button:

there’s a cross symbol at the top right side of your story section and you can exit this section by clicking on that symbol.


How to share a story on Instagram?

As we already talked about this, for posting a story on Instagram, you need to tap on your profile photo on your Instagram main page or you can enter your profile page and tap on your profile photo.

After your phone’s camera is activated, you can take a picture or record a video and share it or you can choose content from your gallery to publish it.



How to add effects to your story?

In this part, we want to teach you to use effects for your stories. As we already mentioned, you can take photos or record a story with the effect that you choose.

Instagram has set 25 stories for you to use by default and you can use them to make your stories more attractive.

Also, you can browse new effects and get access to lots of different and special effects in the Effects Gallery section.

Besides, Instagram allows some people to make money by making new effects on Instagram.



In this article, we tried to teach you techniques for using the Instagram story section and we will continue writing about this on our website.

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