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Checking Instagram security settings and prevent hacking

Instagram security settings

Checking Instagram security settings and prevent hacking

For increasing the security of your Instagram page, there are necessary steps that you must take to prevent Instagram hack or your confidential information being revealed. One of the most important parts of Instagram is its security section, that learning it is very important for users. By using Instagram security settings, users can customize their privacy.

Checking Instagram security settings

For entering the Instagram settings, you must go to your profile or personal page and select settings. In this section you are faced with many things like following and inviting friends, notifications, privacy‌, security‌, ads‌, account‌, helping, about‌, and theme. Among these cases, privacy and security are very important for users, and ways to strengthen and review this social media security settings are very important for users of this space.

Privacy settings include the following items

  1. Account privacy

In this part of Instagram security settings, you can double the security of your page by privatizing your account, so you can choose all the accounts that request you and let them follow you or not. This is one of the Instagram security settings that is recommended to pay attention to it.

  1. Limits

Instagram also provides security for users and user comfort is also important for Instagram. In this section, you can limit anything that bothers you or disturbs your mental comfort. This restriction can be temporary and the time limit is up to you. In this section, you can temporarily restrict comments and messages. Note that the comments will be hidden from other people for as long as you specify.

  1. Hidden words

In this section of Instagram security settings, you can limit so-called insulting comments and neither you nor your followers will see such comments. In this section, you can also hide messages that are offensive and Instagram itself will filter these messages for you.

In the manage custom word list section, you can list words, phrases, emojis, and things you do not like to encounter in this space, so these are hidden from your view and hidden in comments and messages.


In this section, you can easily get rid of annoying comments. Do this matter with block comments ‌. You can increase Instagram security by selecting people who leave annoying comments in this section. Note that these blocked comments are not visible to the rest of your followers, but the person who left the comment can see his comment and not doubt anything. This matter is one of the things that should be done once in awhile to check Instagram security settings.

Instagram security setting trustsocial

5‌. Posts

In this section you can determine whether your likes and views are displayed to your contacts or not. By limiting this item, you will not be shown the number of likes and hits.

6‌. Accountability (mentions)

You can specify who mentions you in the story, comment, live and caption. If you select everyone option, everyone can point to you, but to increase the security of Instagram, you can use the safe options people you fallow or no one ‌.

7‌. Story

In Instagram security settings. You can hide your stories from people you do not want to see your story ‌. You can set up a close friend list to create their own story, but no one will see it.

8‌. Live

In the live section, you can hide the people you do not want them from your live notification. These people are also on your story hiding list because live and story are directly related. It’s one of the important Instagram security settings.

  1. Restricted accounts

By activating this section of Instagram security settings, you can make sure that your followers are not notified of their restriction without blocking or unfollowing them.

  1. Blocked account

In this section, like Telegram, you can see the people you have blocked and unblock them, or add a number of people to your list.


Security settings include the following items:
  1. Password

To log in Instagram, each account must specify a password, which is the account identification code. This password is required to recover your account when it expires or your account is deleted.

  1. Login activity

This section contains information about the place where you first logged in Instagram and there are the details of your device in this section too.

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