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Instagram secret tricks tutorials

Instagram secret tricks tutorials

Instagram secret tricks tutorials  – There are some things you can do to use Instagram easier and attract lots of followers. If you want to gain lots of customers and expand your business, using Instagram tricks is necessary for you. In this article, we want to continue teaching you tricks for using Instagram. Also, don’t forget to care about your safety on social media to keep yourself from Instagram hacking and if you need to keep your social media safe and get hacking solutions, our experts are here for you. Contact us for more details.

here are some Instagram secret tricks tutorials

Use Instagram as a photo editor

Instagram allows you to use its features to edit your photos. You can use the story section for creating photos with special emojis and filters. For doing this you need to enable the Save Original Photos option. Here’s how you can enable this feature.

  1. Enter your profile page and enter the settings by clicking on the three-line icon.
  2. Tap on the Account option and then enter the Original post section
  3. Enable the Save Original Photos option.

Now for using Instagram as a photo editor, you need to deactivate your internet connection and then enter the post publishing section and choose the photo that you want to work on. There are also so many features that you can use for editing your photos by using the story section. This section allows you to edit your photos and videos with different filters and save them to your gallery.


Spacing between two lines in Instagram caption

Many users have problems with creating space between two lines and when they publish a post, usually lines are still in a row. Here are some solutions for solving this problem.

  1. You can use a sticker or symbol between two lines. Create space by using the enter button and put a sticker in that space after writing your caption.
  2. This problem will be solved by creating a half-space between two lines.
  3. Click on Ctrl + Shift + 2 for creating a half-space in word


Put a link in your Instagram story


Putting a link in the Instagram story is one of the most important Instagram tricks but only people who have a blue Instagram tick or people that have more than 10,000 followers can use this Instagram feature. If you have one of these conditions, you will see the link icon at the top of your screen when you’re publishing a story. You can read more about this in the “How to put a link in an Instagram story” article.


Dealing with irrelevant Instagram ads

One of Instagram tricks is about dealing with irrelevant advertisements on Instagram. Instagram usually shows you ads that are related to you based on the pages that you follow. You can inform the Instagram algorithms to know what you like. For hiding these advertisements on Instagram, click on the three-dots symbol that is located on the right side of a post titled Sponsored and then choose the “Hide this” option. Also, you can go to the Ads settings section of your mobile phone and disable the ads on social networks.


Removing ads for iPhone


  1. Go to the settings section on your mobile phone

  2. Tap on the Privacy option and then the Advertising option.

  3. Choose the Limit Ad Tracking option.

Removing adds for Android

  1. Go to the settings and tap on the Ads option.

  2. Choose the Turn off interest-based ads option.


Automatic response on Instagram

One of the most important Instagram features is that it allows you to reply to your Instagram messages automatically. This option helps you to interact more with users. Follow the steps below for creating an autoresponder for your Instagram directs.

  1. Open your Instagram settings and click on the Creator option
  2. Choose the Saved Replies option
  3. Now click on the New Saved Reply option and write the message that you want to send to your followers.

Also, Instagram has created a feature in one of its latest updates that enables the users to create their messages in the form of shortcuts. It means that you can write a message and easily send it by clicking on it on your followers’ direct page.



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