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All you need to know about Instagram reports

Instagram reports

Instagram reports – Sometimes you need to report someone on Instagram. For example, some accounts might use your photo to create a fake account or bother you with inappropriate direct messages. Also, you might see posts on Instagram that are inappropriate. When things like this happen, you need to report the account or the post. In the following, we will teach you all you need to know about Instagram reports and you will also learn some practical tricks. Note that, while using Instagram and other social media, you need to increase your security to prevent getting an Instagram hack and protect yourself from threats in cyberspace.


What is an Instagram reports?/What is the difference between reporting and blocking?

You need to know that blocking and reporting are completely different. When you see posts that you think are inappropriate, you can report them to Instagram, and Instagram will investigate the problem to find out if you’re right and it will delete the content or the page of that person but when you don’t want to see someone on Instagram or you don’t want someone to have access to your account, you can block the person.


What kind of users do we need to report?

You need to report Instagram users with spam or inappropriate behaviors. Instagram has some rules on its website and asks users to report the people that have the following characteristics.

1.   The account that forged your identity

If you see someone on Instagram that is using your images and is using your name, you need to report that account immediately. Note that, fan pages are different and it’s normal for a celebrity to have lots of fan pages.

2.   Someone who claims to be a celebrity

If you see that a person has created a fake page and is claiming to be a celebrity or a famous person, you need to report it because that person might misuse other users.

3.   The person that copies your posts or photos

If you’re a salesman, artist, or photographer, other users might copy your work because many users will do anything to be seen. In this case, you need to report the person that is stealing people’s posts and ideas

4.   The person that publishes malicious content

If you see an account that is publishing malicious content related to bullying, suicide, harassment, animal abuse, drugs, threats, and more, you need to report it and prevent these accounts from hurting people.

5.   Someone that produces immortal content

people that produce immortal content such as content related to nudity, pornographic posts, and inappropriate images and videos must be reported immediately. This also includes immortal comments.

6.   accounts that advertise irrelevantly

You might see many users that publish irrelevant ads in the comments. These types of advertising are against the Instagram advertising policies and you can easily report these accounts as spam to prevent them.


Key points about reporting on Instagram

  • If your account is reported on Instagram for no reason, this problem will be solved.
  • You can’t know who or what reported you on Instagram.
  • If you can’t like a post or leave a comment, you’re not reported and you’re probably blocked by Instagram.


How to report a post on Instagram?

Sometimes there might not be any problems with the posts that an account publishes and you might just find one of the posts on that page inappropriate. In this case, you can only report specific posts. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the page that you want and click on the three-dot symbol at the top right of the screen
  2. Select the Report option. Here you will see two options, It’s spam and it’s inappropriate.
  3.  By selecting the It’s inappropriate option, you inform Instagram that the post must be reviewed and deleted. After that, you will see a different page that asks you the reason for the report.
  4. Select the reasons for your report that includes Self-injury, Harassment or bullying, Nudity or pornography, violence or harm, and more.

How to report a comment on Instagram?

When you see an inappropriate comment on Instagram, you need to report it. To do this, touch and hold the comment that you want to make it blue. Now tap on the exclamation mark icon and click on the Report Abusive Content option.

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