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Instagram Direct Messages tips and tricks

Instagram Direct Messages tips

Instagram Direct (DM) is an amazing feature that people use every day to exchange messages and communicate with family and friends. In this article, we will discuss Instagram Direct Messages tips and tricks and we will share some details to increase your knowledge about Instagram. Also, make sure you care about social media security to prevent hacking Instagram .


Like messages

You can simply like someone’s messages by tapping on the heart icon under the messages in the Direct section and you don’t send emojis or messages. If you like a message that someone sends you, all you need to do is to double-tap to like that message and make the heart icon appear. Also, you can tap the red heart to unlike the message or you can hold the message and click on the Unlike option.


Unsend messages

One of the Instagram Direct Messages tricks is related to Unsend messages feature. Many people are not aware of the Instagram Unsend messages option. To unsend the messages that you send in the Direct section, hold the message that you want and select the Unsend message option. This way the messages will be deleted for both people.

Time of sending and receiving messages

You can easily find out the time of sending and receiving messages on Instagram. To do this, open the chat you want and swipe the message that you want from right to left. This way you can view the exact time of all your messages.


Hide last activity time

Instagram has a feature called the last activity time that allows users to see the last time other users were active. You can see this feature in the Direct section. To enable or disable this option, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page.
  2. Click on the three-line symbol at the top right and enter the Settings.
  3. Enter the Privacy section and click on the Activity Status
  4. Here you can decide whether to enable or disable this option.


Save photos

Although Instagram doesn’t allow users to save Instagram posts, you can easily save photos in the Direct Messages section. To save photos in your gallery, hold the photo you want and select the Save option.


Send Profile as Message

When you see an interesting profile on Instagram, you might want to share it with other users but Instagram doesn’t support links and you have to use another method for it. To do this,

  1. Open the page you want to share with your friends and click on the three-dot symbol at the top right.
  2. Select Send Profile as Message and then select the user you want to send this profile to. You can also select more than one user and select a few users to create a group.


Instagram group

One of the Instagram Direct Messages tips is related to creating group chats. There are three ways for creating groups on Instagram.

First method: open the Direct Messages section and click on the add icon in the top right corner of your screen. Now select more than 2 users to create a group.

Second method: open the Direct Messages section and click on the New Group label at the top right to select the people ghat you want and start a group chat.

Third method: just like the previous method, you need to open the Direct Messages section under the photos but instead of clicking on the New Group label, select the users you want from the list displayed.


Find messages

If you have lots of messages and it’s hard for you to find the chat that you want, you can use the search feature. To use this feature, search for the username of the user you want in the search box at the top of the Direct Messages section.


Starred messages

One of the Instagram Direct Messages tips is starred messages.  Instagram enables users to filter their messages. There are two types of filters: starred messages and unread messages. you can use the starred messages filter to select a message as your favorite or use the unread messages filter that shows messages you haven’t read yet.


Mute chat

If the notification of the messages people send you bothers you, you can easily mute the users you want. To mute the chat, open the Direct Messages section and hold your finger on the chat page that you want. Then select Mute Notifications

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