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What are the differences between Instagram and Twitter?

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram VS Twitter – Instagram and Twitter are both popular social media platforms with millions of users. but they have different features and might be interesting to know about their differences.

Instagram is a social media site that is mostly used for sharing photos and videos and the focus of this platform is more on visuality than the text.

on the other hand, Twitter is a social media platform that is mostly used for sharing news and texts. in this article, we mention the most important differences between these two social network websites.



Instagram is a social media platform that enables users to share photos and videos with different filters and it’s a visual media platform. this application was created in 2010 and it’s one of the best platforms for branding and advertisements.



Twitter is a social networking service that is mostly about sharing news and tweets and allows you to share short posts.

Twitter was created in 2006. one of the reasons for the great popularity of this application is that so many celebrities and famous people use it.


differences of Instagram and Twitter


Character limits

One of the differences between Twitter and Instagram is about their character limits. in the past, users could only use 140 characters for each post but In the newest version of Twitter, there is a 280 character limit.

Instagram has no character limits but if the caption of a post has more than 240 characters, Instagram will automatically hide the rest of your text.


Post style

Twitter can be used as a source of news. the basic format of Twitter posts is made of short text posts but you can also upload pictures, videos, and gifts and you are allowed to share a post that is only consisted of text.

In Instagram media is a necessary part of a post. you have to upload a picture or a video for sharing a post. then you can add caption or hashtags.


Direct messages

Both of these applications enable the users to send direct messages with pictures videos gifs and stickers but the difference in direct messaging is in the number of people participating in group chats. Twitter allows up to 50 people to be in a group but Instagram allows a maximum of 15 people to be part of a group chat.



Instagram enables the users to post their daily stories and add filters and text to the media they share and they disappear after 24 hours. stories have a great impact on advertising cause it doesn’t take that much time for customers to see stories and people buy things that are recommended on them. Twitter does not have a story’s feature.


Monetization tools

Both Instagram and Twitter use advertising. advertising on Twitter is shown as promoted tweets. Instagram has more features for advertising. People can advertise through stories and sell their products and ads can be displayed while watching videos on Instagram. also Instagram has a shop now feature that enables brands to share their store’s link with people.


Verifying people’s account

Twitter adds a blue circle and a tick next to people’s usernames to approve they are celebrities. politicians, artists, companies, and anyone that has a large number of followers can get a blue tick. Instagram has more restrictive policies and does not easily provide this option to people and only popular people and brands can use this possibility and have a blue tick.



 interacting with posts

Instagram and Twitter have different ways of interacting with posts. on Instagram People interact with posts through liking and commenting on other people’s posts but on Twitter, people interact with posts by quoting,re-tweeting, liking, and commenting.




Both of these social media platforms are practical and have their significant features. but Instagram somehow has more capabilities than Twitter cause more users prefer Instagram and it has a higher interaction rate than Twitter.

however, you need to use both of these programs for developing your business and becoming successful.

also, it’s important to keep your social media secure and prevent Twitter hacking and Instagram hacking .

cause exposing your data can jeopardize your business. if you needed any help with social media hacking or social media security you can contact our professional team for more information.






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