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Instagram account hacked signs ! Here’s what to do

the image of Instagram account hacked signs

Today Human life is intertwined with social networks, and the depth of this event is so great that life without them is somewhat unimaginable. Among social networks, Instagram is a popular and lovable place, as people record their memories and communicate with their friends and acquaintances. In this space, due to the trust that exists, people post photos, information and personal messages in this system. Therefore, it is important to know that this information is still secure. So we need to know Instagram account hacked signs.

One of the simplest things that can be mentioned is:

  • A Post is published from your page while you have no information about it
  • Someone else has accessed your account without your permission
  • You cannot log in to your account
  • You are sure you entered the password correctly but failed to login.
  • Someone with your account has left a comment in the posts of people or has followed people
  • You find out that you have followed a lot of people or even liked their posts. (This is while you have not used the robot either)
  • On your page you will see a photo, video, story or any topic that has not been published by you. If you suspect your page has been hacked, change your instagram password immediately.


Of course, keep in mind that sometimes Instagram account hacked signs is detected by bots on Instagram. If your account has posted a lot of comments about other people’s posts or even suspicious activity has been seen, the account will be out of reach for a few hours.

What should we after understang Instagram account hacked signs?

In the first step, to prevent the hacker from advancing and give him the opportunity to change the password, change the password immediately. In addition to the password of this page, if you have pages with the same password, be sure to change the password before they are hacked.

To ensure that other social network like is not hacked, change the password if you have this one for them. And the report of Instagram account hacked signs to Instagram as soon as possible.

How to prevent being hacked on Instagram?

  • Use at least 6 characters in the password so that there is a combination of letters, upper case and lowercase, numbers and punctuation.
  • Use a contact number in which you have not registered any page,
  • It is better to connect your page to Facebook and it is better to use a business account,
  • Be sure to take it seriously if you receive a message from Instagram asking you to change your password. Try to change your password as often as possible,
  • Enable the option of two-factor authentication, or so-called two-factor authentication,
  • Make sure you only access the email you enter,
  • If you use public computers, be sure to log out after work

the image of Instagram account hacked signs

How do we change Instagram password to prevent Instagram account hacked signs?

First of all, to prevent Instagram account hacked signs it is suggested you to use the official Instagram applications, not the translated versions. By doing this, you have taken a step towards improving the security of your account.

To start making changes, log in to your page and touch the three-line icon next to the page.

With touching this icon, a page will open on the right, at the bottom of it you will see a section called Settings. Click on it to enter the next section.

You must enter the Privacy and security section to change the password. Click on the lock icon.

At the end of this section, you will see the Password. Touch it to enter details.

After entering this section, you will encounter three sections. In the Current Password field, you must enter the password. In the New Password field, enter Re-New Password.

How do we know Instagram account hacked signs and who hacked?

There is no Instagram account hacked signs to find out exactly who hacked our Instagram account. But by examining several factors like Telegam hacking, we can find out what some of the hacker information is!

So Checking active sessions can show you what a hacker device is and where it’s located.

Check your Personal Information account and check your phone number and email address. If the person who hacked your instagram account changed your email and phone number information, you can get this information from Personal Information.

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