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Grow your business with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing


 Influencer marketing – is a type of social media marketing for selling and marketing of products by famous people that can affect people’s purchasing decisions.

influencer marketing is about using the influence and power of famous people and celebrities to share your messages with your customers and it’s one of the best ways for growing and expanding your business.

Influencers usually gain money and profit from advertising products or companies send them their products for introducing them to their audience.

using the popularity of celebrities for influencing people has existed for a long time and brands have always used them for promoting and selling their products. in this content we talk about influencer marketing and how you can use influencer marketing to develop your business.

Grow your business with influencer

 Who are the influencers?


An influencer is someone that can influence and affect another person’s ideas and decisions but in influencer marketing, influencers are people with popularity and knowledge that can influence their loyal audience.

an influencer can be an actor, an athlete, a local character, or anyone that can influence a group of people.

they can introduce other people’s products and make money through them.

This method can have a great impact on branding and the possibility of buying a new brand increases when it’s suggested by influencers.

nowadays Instagram bloggers and influencers have become popular and people look up to them and buy what they suggest but these kinds of influencers are more at risk of being hacked so they need to secure their accounts and prevent the Instagram hack and alos becarefull about instagram hack programs.


 Why should you use influencer marketing?


It’s based on trust: people trust influencers that they follow and you can gain that trust for your business through using these influencers.

Penetrate an area: Influencer marketing relies on depth and it’s better to penetrate deeply into a small market rather than penetrating superficially into a big market.

It’s affordable and cost-effective: Influencers don’t need huge investments and they can easily attract the attention of media

You don’t need to know hundreds of influencers for expanding your business.

even a few small notes can attract lots of customers to search for your products.


 How can I use influencer marketing?


 Defining goals

You need to define your goals before finding the right influencers for advertising your business.

if your purpose is branding, you should find an influential person like a celebrity and if your purpose is selling your products you should use an influencer related to your business for introducing your products.


 Choose by influence and power

Make a list of all the influences that you think are better for your business and Choose the most popular one that is right for your goals and field of business and use a strategy based on collaboration to achieve your goals.


 Use the right channel

It’s not right for businesses to depend on the wrong channels for launching an influencer marketing campaign.

you should know what channels or social media platforms to use.

And you should know about the channels that your customers usually use associated with your field of business.

for example, the organic tea factory can advertise on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest cause these social networks are more related to their customers.

you should also try to get positive reviews and post them on social media channels


 Agree on rewards

If you choose the right influencers for improving your business the product can be a reward but it’s not surprising if an influencer asks for money in addition to the product.

you should make sure that the results you get from advertising your product match the cost and be sure to know what you are getting in return.


 Combine influencer marketing campaigns with your other campaigns


Marketing tactics should not be in a vacuum. you can motivate people to buy your products if you use influencer marketing along with other digital marketing methods.

you need to use different digital marketing tactics and use advertisements on different types of social media. extensive advertising about your business can bring you good results.


 Tips on influencer marketing


Be generous: An influencer will agree to post about your product or record a video for introducing your business if you be generous enough and offer good gifts.

Go for your list A: It can seem hard to convince popular people that are on your A list but you can at least try not limiting yourself for them and find a way to ask them.

also, there are many bloggers and celebrities that make it easier for you to communicate and introduce your business

Remember to be concise: You should not give information about every detail in your description and make room for your customer’s imagination and mentality

Allow personalization: Let the influencer review in his own style and according to his personality.

this way the review gets more realistic.



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