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Ways to increase telegram security , Secure your account

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Telegram is an extremely secure messenger. Telegram encrypts all user information in any form. Therefore, all text messages and even files exchanged via telegram are encrypted. But in our current position as a user, we seek to increase our security factor. So finding out the ways to Increase Telegram security  that is one of the main concerns of all people who work with these popular messenger.

In this article, we are going to talk about ways to increase telegram security.

Regarding the level of security thread of telegram , it can be said that this program has a good security compared to its peers. However, hackers still find ways to access users’ information by hacking Telegram. The point to consider is that most cases of information hacking are due to mistakes of the users. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the telegram security.

Some practical ways to increase telegram security

1: Activating Two-Step Verification

One of the best ways to increase telegram security is using two-step verification. In this method, you set a password for your account, which you must enter when you are entering Telegram after the verification code. To activate your two-factor authentication code, you must follow the steps below in order:

-Click on the set additional password option. In this field, select a strong password and enter it again.

-Choose a hint for the password that will be reminded if you forgotten it. And then go to the next section and enter your email account to be able to recover.

-Go to your email inbox and confirm the email you received from Telegram.

Two-step verification of your Telegram account has been activated. Another layer of security has been added to your Telegram account.


2-Checking Active Sessions to increase telegram security

One of the ways to increase Telegram security is checking active meetings. By checking active sessions, you can find out if someone access to your account or not. To check the active sessions of your Telegram account, follow the steps below in order:

-Enter the Setting section and then click on  this social media Privacy and Security.

-Click the Active Sessions button.

In this step, you can see all the devices that access to your account. If you see an unknown device with a suspicious IP, you can click and delete it by swiping left and clicking on Terminate.

Change your password and check your active sessions a few days later.

3-Encryption on Telegram application

Telegram has a security lock that activates manually and automatically after a specified time. This feature cause to increase Telegram security.

Without the correct 4-digit code (you can also set a longer passcode), no one will be able to access your messages.

To activate the Telegram application password:

Go to Settings, select privacy and Security. Then select the Passcode luck option and enter your password in this step. Your Telegram password will be activated.

At the top of the screen you will see an unlock icon. To lock manually you need to click on the lock icon. But for more security, you can select the Auto luck option in the Password luck section with the desired time interval; until the telegram is locked automatically at the specified time.

4-Using Secret Chat with Auto Delete Timer

Secret Chat actually encrypts the messages sent and received and no one can eavesdrop on the information and you will be relieved that your data and chats will not be stolen and eavesdropped. To use the Secret Chat service, you must log in, enter the profile of the person you want to chat with him/ her, and then click Start Secret Chat. In this way, you can greatly increase telegram security.

In addition to the secret of the chat, there is a feature called automatic chat destroyer that you can set a timer and after the countdown is over, your chat and the other party will be deleted, which can be very convenient.

5-increase telegram security of your mobile and computer

All of the above cases are ways to increase telegram security, but you should also increase the security of your electronic devices. Some ways to increase mobile and computer security When Telegram is installed on them include:

-Setting a password for mobile and PC

-Do not install applications from unreliable sources

-Activating local PassCode for Telegram (enter the password you want to log in Telegram each time)

-Phones and laptops are personal devices; do not share them with others

-Using antivirus for phone and computer

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