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How to treat social media addiction ?

How to treat social media addiction

treat social media addiction – We are all aware that social media has helped us in many ways and allowed us to communicate faster and better but excessive reliance on social media has made things worse and has limited our communication in the real world.

Nowadays, all of us are busy in our modern lives and it’s not right to waste our time on virtual communication instead of creating real communication. We have created a new form of loneliness by sacrificing all of our real friends for virtual communication with people that we don’t even know.

Human beings need to socialize with people in the real world to protect their mental health.

Being addicted to the internet and social media can lead to psychological, physical, and financial problems. Sharing extra personal information on these networks can put people’s lives at risk and some people might misuse them and cause harassment. Frauds can hack Twitter or your other social media accounts and steal your data or threaten you.

Here are the ways that enable you to get rid of social media addiction.


Accepting your problem and putting aside denial

Many people deny their addiction to the internet social media. It’s hard for them to accept and strongly believe that they’re not addicted.

You should change your perspective about this and observe your behavior for a few days and record the time that you spend on social media every day. You can write down the time that you use on your phone or internet to be able to face the truth easier and accept your problem.


Set time limits for using social media

You don’t need to completely put social media aside to get rid of your internet and social media addiction. Social media can be useful and help you with your life. So you need to learn to control your behavior and use it properly.

Try to obligate yourself to use social media at certain times and limit your use of the Internet.


Reward yourself

You can set goals for yourself to reduce the use of social media little by little.

Try to reward yourself after reaching each goal. Giving small prizes to yourself after obtaining your goals can keep you motivated and give you more energy to fight your social media addiction.


Reduce tempting factors

Some factors can temp us to check our social media more and stop us from trying to reduce the use of it. For example, hearing the notification sound can affect us without even realizing it.

For solving this problem, you can turn off the internet while you’re not using it or you can even mute it.


Doing alternative activities

Sometimes not having enough fun and lack of entertainment can make us use cyberspace more. You can limit your activities on social media by finding suitable alternatives.

You’ll spend less time on the internet if you keep busy with fun activities.

Find yourself some hobbies such as walking, working out, going to the cinema or spending more time with your friends.


Creating deep and meaningful relationships

Being active on social media for too long can make us less sociable and hide our problems of communicating with people in the real world. By keeping yourself away from real communication, you will lose your sociable skills, and communicating with people might seem hard and this can lead to isolation and loneliness.

You should have healthy and deep connections with other people and keep yourself away from the fake and unreal world that you live in. If you have anxiety disorders or you find it hard to be in public and communicate with people, you can always ask for help from a psychologist.


Live in the moment

Usually, people that are addicted to social media are so obsessed with taking photos and capturing their moment with a camera.

It’s really important to live in the moment and stop taking photos everywhere that you go.

Paying too much attention to the cyber world can keep you away from real life and prevent you from gaining experiences in your life.

Just try to enjoy living by changing your habits and doing the thing that you love.



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