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How to stay safe on whatsapp , make your account secure

stay safe on whatsapp trustsocial

Privacy is very important in apps and messengers, including popular messengers that many users use them, such as WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to connect with people on the Internet and send text messages and multimedia. Voice and video calling is another feature that is available to users in this high quality application. So the important thing is how to stay safe on whatsapp and protect it from hackers.

Because so many users are members of this social network, it is more likely to be hacked or you may have information in your WhatsApp account whose security is important to you. All these factors make us think about increasing this social media security factor.

Some ways to stay safe on WhatsApp

1-enabling Two-step authentication

Two-step verification in WhatsApp adds a recurring password to your account. The app asking you a password you have already selected once in a while to ensure that the person who is using the app is the real owner of the WhatsApp account. To enable this feature, follow the path below:

Menu> Settings> Account> Two-step verification> Enable

After completing these steps, the program will ask you to choose a six-digit password. Note that it is better choose your password so that you can easily remember it. Of course, there is no need to worry; if you forget your password, you can recover it via your email.

2- Checking the encryption of sensitive conversation data

Although WhatsApp automatically encrypts all your conversations, sometimes it’s a good idea to conclude your conversations are safe with a simple check. This matter is especially useful to stay safe on whatsapp when sharing sensitive information such as your bank account information with a trusted audience. To review encryption, first start a conversation with the target audience. In the chat window, tap the contact name and then select the Encryption option. You will see a 40-digit pattern that is your security code. You can compare this code with the security code of your contact phone to make sure your conversation is secure. These numbers and patterns should be the same on both devices.

stay safe on whatsapp trustsocial

3-Disableing cloud backup to Stay safe on whatsapp

Although WhatsApp uses user-to-user encryption, if you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp and want to recover your messages using backups, the backups are not encrypted, it’s better disable cloud backup to stay safe on whatsapp. Follow the path below to disable automatic backup on Android devices:

WhatsApp> Menu> Settings> Chats> Chat Backup> Backup to Google Drive> Never

4-Not sharing private information and using VPN

You should never share your personal information such as phone number, credit card information, address or email address with others to stay safe on whatsapp and no one should have access to such sensitive information. In addition, it is recommended to use a VPN, especially when connecting to a Wi-Fi or any public network. In addition to protecting your Internet activity, VPNs also prevent you from eavesdropping on the information you are receiving or sending.

5-Turning on security notifications to Stay safe on whatsapp

If you log in to an old WhatsApp chat from a new device, a new security code will be generated for that chat. WhatsApp has the ability to notify you of security code changes. With this feature, you and your audience can compare your encryption pattern through a different messenger and make sure your conversation is secure. To turn on security notifications, follow the path below:

WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Security> Show security notification

6-Increasing WhatsApp security by changing privacy settings

With Increasing WhatsApp security feature you can specify who can see your last visit, profile picture and status section. After entering the setting section, select account and then privacy, and change the desired and relevant settings to the desired state. Your WhatsApp is your private messenger and everyone in the world should not be able to see your profile picture, your bio and description, your phone number or even other features of your account or be able to add you to groups they want.

End word

By using above solutions and paying special attention to security in cyberspace to prevent Whatsapp hacking, we can stay safe on WhatsApp and protect our important information and documents, and carry out our activities with peace of mind.

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