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How to stay safe on Instagram privacy tips for your account

stay safe on Instagram trustsocial

Instagram is a popular app in the world, and many people share their photos with it every day, you are probably one of them. Some hackers steal your account information. Therefore, in order to stay safe on Instagram from them, you must secure your account. There are settings where you can control your account privacy and make sure no one is hacking Instagram account. Here’s how to secure your Instagram account.

Some ways to stay safe on Instagram

  • Create an authentication form

If you are worried that someone will hack your account and post on Instagram without your permission, setting up two-factor authentication is necessary. After entering the password, you need a second authentication form, even if it is your password, a hacker cannot access your account without physical access to the connected device.

  • Privatize your account

When you are sending a message to Instagram, anyone on the operating system can see your pictures and videos by default. If you just want to interact with people you really know, set up your account through Settings and turn on Private Account.

-In the mobile version

1-Go to your profile by tapping the “Person” icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Swipe left and tap the settings gear icon that appears.

2-Select “Privacy & Security” and “Account Privacy”.

3-Turn on “Private Account”.

-In the web version

1-Click on the “person” icon in the upper right corner, then look for the gear icon or settings next to your name.

2-Select “Privacy & Security” and “Account Privacy”.

3-Click on the Private Account Verification box.

  • Disable activity status

Instagram has a feature that lets people see your activity the app. Just look for a small green dot next to a friend’s photo in your direct message. Turn it off through settings, privacy, activity status, and turn off the option.

  • Block accounts on Instagram

One of the ways to stay safe on Instagram is blocking account of someone that harass you. If someone is harassing you or posting inappropriate content, report it to Instagram. You can do this task on the account profile page or directly through a personal post, comment, direct message or story. Just tap the three-dot icon at the top right of an Instagram post or at the bottom right of a story and tap blocking option.

You can also fill out the report form on the Instagram website. If Instagram notices that the account, comment or video violates its terms of service, the account will be suspended. By reporting an account, Instagram will automatically block the user for you. However, you can manually block the account by opening the three-point menu in the account and selecting Block.

  • Restrict Instagram account

One of the ways to stay safe on Instagram is restricting Instagram account. Instagram has also taken more targeted measures to prevent coercion on the operating system. If you want to hide the comments and notifications of a particular user without following up or reporting on his posts and comments, there is a new feature called Restrict.

For activating this feature, go to Settings, Privacy, Restricted Accounts, and add accounts manually. Or go to the user profile, tap the three-dot icon at the top right, and select Restrict. In iOS, you can swipe left to restrict your view. After activating the restriction, comments about your posts by restricted users are only visible to that person.

stay safe on Instagram trustsocial

Check these cases to prevent hack Instagram

If you are worried that someone has hacked your Instagram account, you can check your account activity by checking your account login time password change and more to stay safe on Instagram to provide social media security for your acoounts.

1-Using the mobile version of Instagram, tap the “Settings”> “Privacy & Security”> “Data Access”.

2-In the web version of Instagram, tap the “Person” icon at the top right of the page. Click the gear icon or settings and select “Privacy & Security”> “View Account Data”.

3-You will reach the information page where there is a lot of information about how to use your Instagram account. For more information, you can click on any group, such as “Account Privacy Changes”, “Login”, “Logout”, “hashtags you are looking for” and more.

  1. Pay attention to “Account Privacy Changes”, “Password Change”, “Login”, “Logout” and “Stories Activity”. If you see something unfamiliar, it may mean that someone else is using your account. Change your password immediately to lock them.

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