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How to spy on children’s WhatsApp?

spy on children's WhatsApp

Nowadays, most teenagers and children use WhatsApp because of the online education caused by Corona virus. So, it is better for parents to spy on children’s WhatsApp in order to make sure their children use the Internet safely. In this article, we are going to mention some important points about spying on your children’s WhatsApp. To gain enough information about this topic, follow us to the end and use the following information functionally.

As you know, there are many violent and pornographic content on the Internet for teenagers. So, parents have to be cautious to prevent their children from seeing inappropriate content. It is totally natural that parents worry about the safety of their children and they would like to monitor their children’s activity on the Internet. WhatsApp is one of the most common applications that many people use for daily conversations. If you want to spy on children’s WhatsApp, look at this article.

With the help of the PanSpy application, you are able to spy on WhatsApp with no problem. This WhatsApp tractor is designed for parents who are worried about the safety of their children. If you use this platform, you are able to see all activities of your children on WhatsApp. In this case, you can see WhatsApp conversations, calls, and any kind of information that you may be worried about.

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Useful methods to spy on children’s WhatsApp

Creating an account on PanSpy

There are many applications available for monitoring others’ WhatsApp. But we think that PanSpy can be considered the most appropriate one. This application is designed to help you spy on children’s WhatsApp easily. 

After downloading this application, it is time to press the sign-up option on the top right corner of the main page. Then, you need to enter a valid email address and its password to register. After this level, PanSpy will send you a link to confirm your email. In order to do so, you need to tap on the link and complete the setup process.

Choosing a subscription

The second way to spy on children’s WhatsApp is by choosing a subscription. There are two different editions on PanSpy you can choose one of them. One of these editions is a premium and the other one is ultimate. Both of them are designed for a one-month subscription, quarter subscription, and one-year subscription. According to their prices, you have to choose one of the mentioned subscriptions in order to access the PanSpy application.

Installing PanSpy on your target phone

After you have chosen the subscription option, you will receive a link that you can download from this application. At this level, you need to download and install this application on your target phone. Then, it’s time to log in with your account on PanSpy and then authorize your account on the monitored cell phone according to its instruction on the application. 

After that, you can easily decide if you want to keep the app icon on your home screen or remove it. It is worth remembering that if you choose to hide the app icon, you can make sure that your children won’t understand that you want to spy on children’s WhatsApp.

Start spying on your children’s WhatsApp

After you have finished all the setup processes on your cell phone and the target phone, it is time to start and spy on children’s WhatsApp. In order to do so, you need to go to the PanSpy control panel on your own computer. Now, you get complete access to your children’s WhatsApp and another phone. 

All supported features of this application are listed on the control panel. If you click on each picture, you can see its category. These features include spying on calls, conversations and messages, emails, browsing histories, and other information. 

In addition to spy on children’s WhatsApp, you are able to view other social media applications such as Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, Line, and other applications. In order to access these categories, you need to click on social apps on the left side and start monitoring your children’s phones. Although this feature may be against this social media security

The last word

There are many reasons that parents need to spy on children’s WhatsApp. As we mentioned above, you can easily monitor your children’s WhatsApp without them knowing. As a result, download and install this software and be cautious about your children’s activity on different platforms

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