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How to secure WhatsApp web from hackers?

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One of the unique features of WhatsApp that has been very popular among users of mobile application is the ability to use the web version of WhatsApp. So, you can easily log in WhatsApp with WhatsApp on the web and enter your WhatsApp application in time. Sure we need to secure WhatsApp web like WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Web allows you to connect your laptop or computer in WhatsApp on your phone and type your messages more easily with the keyboard or send the files that you have on your computer to someone else.

WhatsApp Web features are not much different from the phone WhatsApp app. But keep in mind that you cannot make voice and video calls through WhatsApp Web.

In order to secure WhatsApp Web, you must use the official WhatsApp application for your PC. Many people download this program from bad sources and Whatsapp hacking is being happened for their account. So note two points. Download an official WhatsApp application for your system and log it out when you are not using it.

The web version of WhatsApp not only makes it easier to read and reply to your messages, but also allows you to access your WhatsApp messages even when your Android mobile phone is not available. To use this feature, you only need to log in your account once using the QR Code of the program.

Now suppose a situation that you log in your Whatsapp account from a public computer and forget to log out. Now anyone can read your messages and view your pictures and videos from that computer. But do not worry! If this happens, you can use the Log out from all computers option so that all the devices through them you logged in your WhatsApp account are immediately expelled from your account.

WhatsApp web security

WhatsApp web on mobile and WhatsApp website has a number of advanced security features. This security is also established in WhatsApp web. All messages transmitted through the operating system are secure so that only the sender and receiver can see them. This means that even WhatsApp cannot read your message itself. This app does not store your personal information and only the people you confirm as a contact can send you messages.

Like most Internet services like Google and Facebook, WhatsApp uses two-factor authentication, that you type the second password and sent it via text message to your phone to access your account. This feature helps to secure WhatsApp web greatly.

Just like a mobile app, WhatsApp Web lets you archive, delete, or pin chats. To do this mater, by selecting a contact and click the down arrow of the available options, you can archive, delete or pin that chat. In the case of archived chats, the chats are hidden when you select that option. To view archived chats, click on the three-dot vertical icon; to access archived chats, click Archive.

WhatsApp Web also lets you block contacts and even access your list of blocked contacts. To block a contact, open their chat, click on the contact’s name, open their contact information, then scroll down and click Block.  This is another way to secure WhatsApp Web.

secure WhatsApp web trutsocial

Using browser plug-ins to secure WhatsApp Web

If you use the WhatsApp web version, there is a growing number of browser plug-ins that can secure WhatsApp Web and help you to use this platform more.

 Three famous plug-ins to secure your WhatsApp Web:

1-Privacy extension

Privacy plug-in is one of the simplest extensions of WhatsApp browser, but it is very useful to secure WhatsApp Web. You can use this feature to hide messages, media, input field, profile pictures and other things using a simple switch system. This is great if you are using the WhatsApp web version on a device where someone might be looking at your WhatsApp or your monitor screen.

2- WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus plug-in is provided to protect the privacy and security of WhatsApp Chrome users. It is very useful for personal and commercial use of WhatsApp. By installing this plug-in, you can increase the security of  this social media environment on your desktop. In this plug-in, you can erase messages and images, view statuses secretly, hide your typing status, and so on.


WAIcognito is a Chrome extension that lets you read receipts and view recent visits without submitted to others. After installing this plug-in, you can look at chats without anyone noticing.

This plug-in also blocks the latest WhatsApp updates seen from other users.

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