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how to report on instagram? fake account or illegal activity

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It’s surely happened for all of us to think about how to report on instagram and restrict someone’s activity in this media. Do you have the items in the Instagram report? Which one to select? As you want to report someone on Instagram, different items will appear to choose.

Sometimes you do not know which one of these items should select. This is exactly what we intend to describe it.

What is a report on Instagram?

Reporting is an action in different social media that is meant to report someone, the page, or the account to the official rules of that social media to check out the request and block the account or the page in cases of any illegal or negative action.

The Instagram report includes the first reporting application that develops this feature to this media. This is a secure and safe action to report anyone who is activating against the terms and conditions of this social media and there’re thousands of Instagram report messages for this application.

No matter who are you or what is the number of followers of the reported page, you can always use the Instagram report for any illegal and violated actions.

how to report on instagram?

According to the different items and selections of the Instagram report, it includes a couple of selections for the users to choose the exact report reason.

  1. Report message, post, or comment
  2. Report account

These are the main selects when you want to report. According to these items, you can only report a message of your Direct, a post, or a comment against of terms and regulations of Instagram.

While you want to report an account, you have to choose the second items that include other exclusive titles:

  • It’s posting content that should not be on Instagram

These items exactly describe the accounts that are activating against the rules of Instagram. By pressing this item some other options will appear that we describe later.

  • It’s pretending to be someone else

Fake accounts that are pretending to be someone else and share posts and videos of another person. These accounts usually are created for abuse by stealing celebrities’ information.

  • It may be under the age of 13

This report select is for the accounts that you make sure are managed by someone who is under 13 years old, which means the legal age. It’s an effective step for teenagers and children who are using social media and want to share something irrelevant to their age.

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The reasons for reporting

  • It’s spam

This item means there’re spam and fraudulent information and shared content in the account you want to report it.

  • I just don’t like it

This item must select by users’ mindset to like or do not like the shared contents of an account.

  • Suicide, self-injury, or eating disorders

Mental disorders and other psychological problems force the users to share content about suicide, eating disorders, and self-injury.

  • Sale of illegal or regulated goods

This part is a good choice for the accounts that are selling goods and products. Sometimes these products are illegal such as weapons

  • Nudity or sexual activity

These days, Instagram is full of accounts and pages that are sharing sexual and nudity activities for the audiences that propagate immoral shares.

  • Hate speech or symbols

This usually includes Satanism activities ad propagating the contents and symbols about immoral and illegal religions.

  • Violence or dangerous organizations

Violence includes the main regulated items on Instagram and these activities can contain dangerous organizations such as the deep web.

  • Bullying or harassment

Do bullying activities and being harassed by other people.

  • Intellectual property violation

This item is also true about the religion and political activities that cast doubt on the governments and religions.

  • Misleading or possible scam

This is useable for the accounts that are abusing and misleading the people.

  • False information

The accounts that are sharing false information and mislead the users about any topic. By these activities, you can alos avoid being Instagram hacked.

The selections for “pretending to be someone else”

  1. Me
  2. Someone I know
  3. A celebrity or public figure
  4. A business or organization

If you want to know about how to report on instagram, reporting a post, the items of reporting must include the titles mentioned before. For reporting comments and messages, you will guide to the website and can choose between the items.

We talked about Instagram report and the whole description about the items you can choose for reporting someone, a message, comment, or post.

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