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How to prevent hacking WhatsApp and increase security

prevent hacking WhatsApp trustsocial

WhatsApp is one of the most secure messengers in the world with a large number of users. But despite using of advanced security protocols in WhatsApp messenger, there are still ways to hack personal information in this messenger, which is mainly done through the ignorance of people or hacking the device which person entered the WhatsApp account. In this article learning  to prevent hacking WhatsApp and increase WhatsApp security using simple methods is explained.

How to prevent hacking WhatsApp?

Since WhatsApp has a large number of users around the world, a lot of information is transferred to it every day. This large amount of information, which sometimes contains important information such as bank account passwords, various connections between characters or images related to confidential documents, can be very attractive for hackers.

Of course, WhatsApp uses very advanced security protocols that allow the messages exchanged through it to be sent, encrypted and not even available on the servers. End-to-end encryptions is one of the best way to prevent hacking WhatsApp. Due to the end-to-end encryption used in WhatsApp, hacking WhatsApp is not easy and requires a lot of time and money. But there are still ways to bypass it and obtaining information about people in this messenger.

some ways to prevent hacking WhatsApp

-Do not make your mobile phone available to others!

The easiest and fastest way a hacker can install a malicious program on your phone and then steal information of you is having your phone for a minute. Very little time is enough to hack all your important information in WhatsApp or other messengers. In this method, the hacker installs his malicious program on your mobile phone and then this program is hidden. Any message you send or receive on WhatsApp or other messengers will then be displayed directly to the hacker. So the first and easiest way to prevent hacking WhatsApp is not to give the phone to others.

-Using encrypted chat in important conversations

WhatsApp, like many secure messaging apps, supports encrypted chat. In this method of conversation, all messages between the two sides of the communication are encrypted completely and only the sender and receiver will be able to open the message and read it.

In other words, every message you send on WhatsApp is encrypted by default. But to ensure the connection is secure and prevent hacking WhatsApp, it is better check the security code of each connection before making important calls. For this purpose, in WhatsApp environment, go to the profile page of the person you want and select the Encryption option. If the code displayed to you is exactly the same as the code displayed to the other party, then this connection is secure and you can easily exchange your messages there.

prevent hacking WhatsApp trustsocial

-Enabling 2-step verification to prevent hacking WhatsApp

Two-step verification is a security feature that most messaging applications have

It. In this method, in addition to the possibility of login with using a username and password, another layer of security is placed, which is usually created through a mobile number or email address. Two-step verification in WhatsApp is another way to prevent hacking WhatsApp, which can cut off some of your confidential messages of hackers.

-Entering a password for the WhatsApp application

Another way to prevent hacking WhatsApp and infiltrating your messages in this messenger is using the encryption system on the applications. In this way, you can set passwords for your various applications so that people cannot simply open your WhatsApp application and read your messages with your phone. To enable WhatsApp 2-step verification, go to WhatsApp settings and select the Account option. Then in the new page, select Two-Step Verification and then select the Enable option. In this case, a code will be displayed for you, the next time you log in your WhatsApp. In addition to the SMS code; you must also enter it when logging in. Otherwise you will not be able to open your WhatsApp account.

-Using updated antivirus to prevent hacking WhatsApp

Powerful anti viruses can easily detect malicious programs and spyware installed on your mobile phone and prevent them from continuing to operate. Always try to install one of these anti-virus and anti-hacking programs on your mobile phone and update it regularly so that you can use it to increase the security of your mobile device and consequently the security of your WhatsApp.


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