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How to prevent hacking on social media

prevent hacking on social media trustsocial

Nowadays, social networks have become one of the main issues in the discussion of e-commerce, and keeping them safe is one of the most essential tasks. Imagine a stranger has access to your account. How dangerous and destructive can this issue be and have a negative impact on your business? This article is about “How to prevent hacking on social media. Among the dangers that may threaten you after being hacked are:

-Stealing your account and taking control of it will save you the hassle of collecting your followers.

-connecting to irrelevant links and compromise to sell it

-Stealing your customers’ information

-Using customers’ trust and create fake payment pages for phishing purposes

You will notice that sometimes due to the negligence of one person, important information of many people is endangered, so take the risk of social media hacking seriously. To prevent hacking on social media, we have prepared 5 useful tips for you. By following these steps, you can greatly secure your account.

Be careful when choosing third-party applications

When you use third-party applications (for example, Post Admin, Increase Followers, etc.), these applications first access your account login information. So when using it, make sure what programs you are using and try to get the programs from a reputable source.

Some programs require little access, which includes reading posts and their contents. So check the permissions carefully before granting access. If you are using third-party applications, the best way is checking active meetings and connected applications from the main application to disconnect them if you see anything suspicious.

Use strong passwords to prevent hacking on social media

Maintaining so-called strong passwords can be difficult, but the simple point is that most people do not take it seriously. This negligence was so great that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg did not take it seriously until his account was hacked. All of Zuckerberg’s accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, were linked to his Facebook account. This means that most people in the virtual media are unaware of a strong password and do not take it too seriously and say to themselves that this will not happen to me.

However, it is possible for anyone to be hacked, so make sure you use a password that will not be cracked any time soon. There are also programs that provide you with a list of powerful passwords. A strong password like Secure100 Password3! It takes about 552 quadrillion (1 to 15) 2years to crack.

prevent hacking on social media trustsocial

Install anti-virus programs to prevent hacking on social media

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide security measures in which you can choose a suitable option or install a free anti-virus program. We suggest using an advanced anti-virus program to provide complete and better services.

You can also use backup programs if you want to be more careful. These programs make a backup of your photos, videos, documents and other files so that you do not lose those files if they are lost or hacked. In fact, do not keep a copy of all the files for rainy day!

Enable two-factor authentication to prevent hacking on social media

Two-factor authentication allows the user to evaluate the user’s identity in two different steps. Most applications use a combination of password and activation code that are sent via email or SMS.

Transfer passwords to password management applications

The last step to prevent hacking on social media such as Instagram hacking is using password management programs. These apps are designed to protect you by entering the username and password of each social app or email….. So if you have a lot of social programs or you have a large number of emails and you cannot keep all of them, you can use password management programs. These programs also require a password setting for Telegram and Whatsapp security, so instead of storing several hard passwords, keep one and leave the rest to the password manager.

It is very important to choose a secure password management program because malicious programs are very common these days.

All of the above are trivial issues of the virtual world. In fact, most people have fallen into the trap of hackers due to their negligence and simplicity.

The easiest way for hackers is exploiting a user’s weakness. It means, a hacker uses the simplicity of the user to obtain information in a short period of time.

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