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How to make sticker packs on WhatsApp ( on Android devices)

make sticker packs on WhatsApp

make sticker packs on WhatsApp – You can add emotion to your conversations by using stickers. Everyone can use stickers and using them can be a lot of fun but you can also make your own sticker pack and design it the way that you want.

Sometimes you might like to express your feel

ings when you’re having a conversation and you can use stickers for that. You can easily choose any photo to make your stickers by using your mobile phone.

Stay tuned to learn how to make sticker packs on WhatsApp.

Be careful that you also need to protect your safety because attackers can easily hack WhatsApp or your other social media and steal your information.

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Install the Personal Stickers application

You need a third-party application for making stickers and there’s no feature on WhatsApp for making these kinds of stickers. The first thing that you need to do is to download an application for making stickers like the Personal Stickers application.

This application is developed by handy Closet and you can use it to turn your photos into WhatsApp stickers.

Just open Google Play to download and install this app.


Install the Background Eraser application

The second step for make sticker packs on WhatsApp is to Install the Background Eraser application. You can use this program to remove the background of your images and turn them into stickers.

For example, if you want to use a dog photo to create a sticker, you can use this app to delete the background of your photo. However, remember that this step is optional and you don’t have to use this application if you don’t want to remove the background.


Select images for making stickers

The third step for making WhatsApp sticker packs is to select the photos that you want to turn into stickers. You need to at least choose three stickers to make a sticker pack. The photos that you choose should have no background.

You can also use cropped photos but the program turns these kinds of photos into rectangular stickers.

You can find photos with transparent backgrounds by using Google. You can type “.png” At the end of the name of the image that you’re looking for to find images with transparent backgrounds.

For example, if you want to find a photo of a dog with a transparent background, you can search for  “dog.png” on Google.


Edit the photos

This step is optional but you can edit your photos to create better stickers. If you want to remove the background of your photos, you need to take this step.

Just open the “Background Eraser” application, select “load a photo” and select the photo that you want to edit.

After selecting your photo, erase the background by dragging the pink arrows back and forth and then select the “Done” option.

If you have trouble with completely deleting your background, you can select the “Auto” option and the program will do this for you. Or if you want to delete a large background, you can select the “Magic” option.

Once you’re done editing the photos, select the “Done” option. And if the photo has sharp edges, you can use “Smooth Edge” to reduce them. Now select the “Save” option to create a new file in the application.


Make sticker packs on WhatsApp

After following the steps above, you can see the stickers that you have created in the application and you can download them. Now go to the main menu and select the “Create your new sticker pack” option.

Here you can see a window that asks you if you want stickers to be added to your WhatsApp stickers and you can make this happen by selecting “Add”.

Go to the “Sticker Pack Editor” section and select the “Add sticker” option to see your saved images.

Choose the image that you like and then edit the photo. For example, zoom in or out of the image, crop, or resize it. When you’re editing an image, select the “Load” option and repeat this process to make your sticker pack.

The sticker pack that you make needs three tags and after adding three stickers to your pack, you’re allowed to delete the default tags. To do this, click on the default tag and tap on the delete option. Note that you can also re-edit your stickers.




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