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How to logout from hacked whatsapp

logout from hacked whatsapp

Although WhatsApp provides a high level of security for people, a hacker can log into your WhatsApp account and spend a lot of time in it anyway. This means that there is a high probability that hackers will hack your WhatsApp page. These people already had access to a cell phone or other device that had WhatsApp. Fortunately, even if your WhatsApp is hacked, steps can still be taken to remove the hack. With the solutions introduced in this article, you can also logout from hacked whatsapp.

Some of the ways that hackers might use to hack WhatsApp

  1. Using WhatsApp Web

You probably know when you can use WhatsApp Web; when you want to use a WhatsApp account in two places. However, some people may be able to access your  Whtasapp conversations using your WhatsApp web.

Once they access your device, especially your mobile phone, they can quickly scan the WhatsApp QR code and access all of your WhatsApp conversations in no time.

2- Accessing to mobile backup file

Even if you have locked your WhatsApp with lock apps, there is still the possibility of such a problem. However, this type of Whatsapp hacking only affects devices that have not recently updated their WhatsApp application. Once a hacker accesses your mobile phone, it can read your WhatsApp conversations or delete them from another device within minutes.

After having a backup file using the file manager, they can transfer data to another via Bluetooth. They can also use automatic backup programs such as text backup for WhatsApp and send all WhatsApp conversations directly to your device via text.

3-Using spyware

Spyware can also hack into your WhatsApp. Apps like spyzie are paid and often require the intruder to install the app on their device so that they can have all your WhatsApp conversations.

logout from hacked whatsapp

How to improve WhatsApp account to  logout from hacked whatsapp?

  • Disable WhatsApp Web

When you see unusual or suspicious activity on your WhatsApp account, and you ask logout from hacked whatsapp, there is no doubt that someone may have been monitoring your WhatsApp activity and chats. If they are using your WhatsApp web, you can do this by:

-Open WhatsApp on your mobile.

-Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

-Then tap WhatsApp Web to open a new window.

-In this section, you will see a list of people who have recently used WhatsApp.

Tip: if you want to logout from hacked whatsapp click on Log out of all computers to prevent hackers. This will stop the hacker from accessing your activities. Although you should always check this section.

  • Lock all your apps

As you know, hackers use messages extracted from files to copy your WhatsApp messages and emails. Chat bots can also be used for WhatsApp.

App locker allow you to lock any app you want. So when an attacker tries to copy your saved files from WhatsApp, he must first unlock your program.

WhatsApp two-step verification

When you enable this feature, any attempt to verify a WhatsApp phone number must be made through a six-letter code or PI designed to use this feature. Follow these steps to enable it.

WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Two-step verification> Enable

Once you have enabled these features, you can enter your email address, which allows WhatsApp to send you an email link to DISABLE the verification code.

Send an email to WhatsApp Support

An essential step after losing or stealing a mobile phone or logout from hacked whatsapp is sending an email to WhatsApp Support ( to deactivate your Whatsapp account. Choose and remember to add your phone number to your international version.

  • Lock your SIM card

After informing the WhatsApp support team, it is better to block your SIM card. You need to go to your SIM card service provider and block your SIM card to logout from hacked whatsapp.

When you deactivate your account, it will only be deactivated for 30 days, and if you do not activate your account after this period, it will be deleted.

  • Do not use public or free Wi-Fi to access WhatsApp.

The most important way that hackers use is using insecure connections. Most hackers detect unsafe Wi-Fi and gain access to your WhatsApp account.

Using an insecure Wi-Fi network is a very dangerous activity. So be sure to avoid anonymous public and local Wi-Fi to logout from hacked whatsapp.

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