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How to know if your phone has been hacked

phone hacked


phone hacked – Our smartphone is an important part of our lives. They are a place for saving our personal information like credit card information and passwords and hackers can take advantage of your data and misuse it.

we carry our smartphones with us every day and this puts us at risk of having our phone or information stolen and hacking your phone can cause you a lot of problems like misusing your private photos and videos or misusing your bank accounts. That’s why you need to protect your security.

In this article we’ll talk about how to identify if your phone has been hacked and how you can protect your security and prevent it.


 How is your phone hacked?

There are lots of ways for hackers to hack a device and some of them don’t even need any advanced tools. Here are some of the tactics.


Sim jacking attacks: In this method, a hacker sends a code to the victim via SMS, and this way he can take control of the SIM card and steal the victim’s information


Spyware: Spyware programs are types of programs that can be installed on a phone or a computer to remotely observe someone’s phone activities but hackers need to have direct access to your phone for doing this.


Public WIFI networks: Hackers can hack your phone and steal your data by setting up fake WIFI networks and redirecting you to fake websites.


Phishing messages:  Hackers tempt you to open phishing links by fooling you and easily hack your device.


Negligence: the key reason for getting hacked is that the users don’t pay attention while installing applications and they download malware from suspicious sites and also hackers use some social networks like telegram for spreading malware. you also need to increase your social media security to protect your social media accounts and prevent telegram hacking.


 How do we know our phone has been hacked?

  1. Seeing unknown things on your phone like apps, unknown messages, or phone calls that you did not make.
  1. When you notice that your phone is running slower than before, it could be a sign that your phone has been hacked cause that way your battery is used a lot.
  2. Your data usage will increase in a surprising way cause malicious processors can use your internet data in the background.
  3. You might see some strange things happening on your phone for example your apps don’t run the way they should.
  4. Pop-ups suddenly appear on your screen. if you see lots of pop-ups and notifications appearing on your phone screen it might be because of spyware or malware.


 How to know who has hacked your phone?


Tracking hackers is not that easy but you might find some clues by looking for unknown files and phone numbers or suspicious accounts that might have contacted you.


 What to do when your phone is hacked?


  1. Immediately change the passwords that you use

  2. Delete all the suspicious software from your phone

  3. Warn your friends and contacts about the suspicious messages that they might get from you

  4. Quickly install antivirus on your phone.

  5. You can also try resetting your phone to factory settings and delete all your applications and information.


 How to secure your phone from getting hacked


  1. Don’t use your personal hotspots in public places and try to keep them secure through its security setting
  2. Try not to use public WIFI or phone charging places and if you’re using public Wi-Fi remember to use a secure VPN cause hackers can track you or steal your information
  3. Remember to turn off Bluetooth after your done using it cause hackers might use it as an access point for hacking your device
  4. Set a password on your phone or use a lock screen for increasing your safety
  5. Don’t let strangers use your phone
  6. Be careful about the strange and unknown applications on your phone and remove them immediately.
  7. Don’t open suspicious messages and links and don’t download unknown files
  8. Use safe Antivirus on your phone and update it regularly.
  9. Don’t use unreliable download sites cause they can be a source of malware and infect your device.



We mostly talked about how to know if your phone has been hacked and how you can control it. Also, our experts provide you social media security and hacking. You can contact us for more information.



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