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How to know I hacked on social media?

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This is clear that everyone wants to know how to know that I hacked on social media and how to prevent and stop this cybercriminal?

As it’s well-known, everyone is vulnerable to the threat of cybercriminals and getting hacked on social media and access to personal information, but these are not equal for everyone.

Hacked on social media for average persons will face fewer sophisticated threats than a political person, a senior politician, and an activist. But this is important for all the people even the average ones to know how to do it they can realize they are hacking.

What is a hacked on social media?

Based on recent reports, smartphones have turned to the most important tools in our lives and move them all day in different places, so, our personal data and information are always in danger to hack.

Being hack on social media is the most common cybercriminals and threat the personal information of the users. Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the main applications that are threatened to be hacked.

As it said, hack on social media threats the personal information of the users, so, it’s important to observe some key points to protect your data.

There’s a huge volume of hack on social media belonging to Instagram which mostly occurs for the pages with millions of followers.

How to hack mobile phones?

In addition to the huge hack in social media, the mobile phone hacks also threaten the personal information of the people worse, because these smart tools are a secure and personal device for the users to save and store their photos, videos, bank account information, credit card information and …

Generally, the main reasons that hackers can threaten your smartphones are:

  1. SIM card moving attack

In this type of attack, the hackers transfer and steal your phone number to their own SIM card and control your account.

  1. Spyware

The spyware can steal and gather your data. Some of these spy applications are too simple and every person can access and use them without any knowledge.

  1. Malware

Using public WiFi networks might threaten your device by malware. The hackers can design fake network connections and guide you to fishing websites and steal your information. They also can control your device by public mobile charging stations by USB cables.

  1. Fishing messages

Emails, texts, and messages are including malicious links and install as malware on your device and steal your information.

  1. Malware download

Even when you’re downloading the software from doubtful or by clicking on malicious links, the phone is starting to download the malware.

How to know that I hacked on social media?

To know that you’re hacking social media, there’re lots of ways, and these methods depend on the device or social media you use. By observing these ways, you can act and be aware of any hack in social media or your smartphone:

  • When you realize there’s something unknown and doubtful in your phone (the texts you do not send, apps, the shops you did not purchase, and doubtful calls)
  • Your mobile or application is working slowly and something might use the sources more than usual. The battery gets low sooner and changes in temperature. Some hackers’ actions can affect the smartphone’s abilities.
  • Without any extra usage or changing any setting, your data usage is increasing in unprecedented. The hacker and their actions can increase the data usage and monitor your functions.
  • The apps are troubling to run, they open and close suddenly, or the applications cannot open anymore.
  • The popups appear on the screen. If there’re lots of popups on your phone, it might be got into trouble by malware and malicious

Can I realize who is hacking me?

Realizing that who is hacked is not simple and always unknown to recognize. It only can be helpful to identify the doubtful phone numbers or the social media accounts you have been connected them.

Sometimes it’s effective to get something about the source of hacks by these searches, but identifying the hacker need for a cyber-security expert.

What should we do after we hack?

After you got you’re hacking or hacked before, you need to do something:

  • Change all the passwords you use
  • Delete all the doubtful applications immediately
  • Warn your friends to be aware if they got doubtful messages from you
  • Avoid sharing your hotspot in public places
  • Install and use security applications on your phone
  • Restore your phone by format factory to delete all the malware and malicious off your phone

Observations to prevent hacking

It’s always important to prevent threats such as hacks in social media, so, keep these items in your mind:

  • Avoid sharing your hotspot in public places and in cases, you should do it, make all the settings secure
  • If you have been using a public network connection, turn it off immediately
  • Turn off the Bluetooth if you do not want to use it
  • Lock your phone by password or passcodes
  • Do not let unknown people use your phone
  • Check out all the applications regularly to realize the malware
  • Do not open or click on doubtful links, apps, and messages
  • Install antivirus and security applications for your phone

By observing all the mentioned points, no one can hack your social media and also your mobile phone at all. Of course, professional hackers always search for ways to steal people’s data, but it’s able to prevent them as much as possible.


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