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how to keep your social media safe? /protection solutions

keep your social media safe

keep your social media safe – Social media sites have become popular and many people visit and use them every day. in addition to all of the benefits that social media has entered into our lives, they have attracted cybercriminals to obtain information and do other activities. Therefore it’s really important to maintain security in social networks. since the beginning of the Internet and with the development of social media platforms, privacy and security of our personal information have become vital cause many people don’t want to share their personal data with everyone and have all of their information exposed. its essential for anyone that uses social media to increase its social media security and you can keep your social media safe.
You should also keep your social networks safe so that you do not get involved in hacking, for example Telegram hacking is the most common of which you should be very careful


Ways of protecting your social media security

keep your social media safe

1.Protect your social media accounts

Under any circumstances, you should not give your password to someone else and make it possible for them to steal it. always choose a strong and complex password and choose significant and different passwords for different sites. if you are having a hard time trying to remember several long and complex passwords, you can install a password manager program on any device that you use. most of these programs are written on different platforms and you can sync them together on the devices that you use. also, try to regularly change your passwords and activate two-step verification on your social media setting for expanding your social media safety.


2.Use guest account on operating systems

In the windows operating system, you can create different kinds of accounts. for a normal task, it’s recommended that you log in as a guest account rather than an administrator account. if you log in as a guest account you can make sure that even if your device gets infected with Malware, the damage won’t be irreparable. You need to know that only the root or an administrator account can cause important changes to the operating system.


 3.Be careful about shady links

Be cautious about the posts that have titles like 《don’t miss this video 》. usually after clicking these kinds of links, they warn you that your video player is not up-to-date and you need to update it. then it gives you a link to update your video player on that specific site and by clicking on the link you are downloading Malware that could damage your system and interfere with your social media safety and keep your social media safe.


4.Be careful about what you share on social media

Sharing your personal data on the internet can be troublesome for you. for example when you’re announcing on social media that you are going on a long trip, someone might take that as an invitation to break into your house. you should never share your personal data like your home address and phone number. cause cyber thieves can easily Misuse them and threaten your social media safety cause most users don’t pay attention to what they are sharing with everyone on the Internet.

how to keep your social media safe

5.Update your social media privacy setting

Social media settings are made to enable you to control your action on social media and increase your social media security. you should have enough knowledge about the social media security setting. always make the safest adjustments to your setting and never depend on the default setting. also, check your privacy setting regularly and keep it updated.


 6.Keep software and operating system updated

It doesn’t take much time to update your software and operating system and by not updating them you can easily damage your system and reduce you can keep your social media safe. users usually don’t take this problem seriously and become the victim of extortion and let hackers easily hack their system. as you know prevention is better than cure. make sure your software is always up-to-date.



 7.Don’t use open public WIFI networks

Hackers use open WIFI networks to access other people’s information and data so don’t trust these networks easily and don’t use your online accounts on these kinds of networks. make sure that you are using a safe VPN. cause when your VPN is connected, all of your data gets sent to a secure server and helps to keep your social media secure. and also activate a reliable anti-virus on your phone and it’s also really important to use a safe browser.



 8.Don’t add friends that you don’t know

You need to know who you are sharing your posts and any information with. avoid adding people that you don’t know who they really are. cause you might become the victim of hackers. all accounts are hackable and you shouldn’t trust people that you don’t know. also, be aware of suspicious accounts cause they might be fake and put your social media security at the stake. you never know who might abuse the information that you are sharing about yourself.

how to keep your social media safe?

Thank you for reading this. to sum up, there’s nothing more important than keeping your keep your social media safe. also, you can be in touch with our professional team for hacking social media and increasing your social media security. contact us for more information.



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