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How to increase your Twitter followers?

increase twitter followers

increase Twitter followers – If you want to use social media to improve your business and achieve your goals, increasing the number of your Twitter followers must be one of your concerns. Your pages should be seen in cyberspace so that you can make money through them. The number of your followers can affect the users to decide whether they want to buy from you or not. In this article, we try to teach you methods for increasing the number of your Twitter followers. Also, make sure to protect your safety on social media and know that getting a Twitter hack can jeopardize your business.


Follow your competitors and the people that you look up to

One of the best ways for increasing your Twitter followers is to follow your competitors or the people that you look up to in your industry. Following them can have some benefits,

  1. One of its advantages is that if those pages follow you, probably their followers will try to find you and follow your page.

  2. You can attract many followers by liking their tweets or commenting on them.

  3. You can get lots of good ideas by following these pages.

Retweet, comment, and repeat

It’s very important to interact with other users when it comes to attracting more Twitter followers. You need to actively publish the tweets of the business pages that are related to your business or you can even add them to your favorite tweets. This way more people on Twitter will follow you and also if you often publish someone’s tweets, they might do the same for you and share your tweets on their page.


Try to tweet at the right time

People can only see tweets in a specific timeline. If you don’t know when to share your tweet, people will easily ignore them. You can also use some tools for scheduling your tweets and these kinds of tools allow you to analyze your tweets’ feedback and this will definitely help you to interact more with the users and increase the number of your Twitter followers.


Use popular hashtags that are related to your business

Of the most important things that you can do to increase your Twitter followers and achieve success is using hashtags that are related to your business. For instance, you can use the corona hashtag and link it to your business, and this way you will gain lots of followers just by using this hashtag. Knowing about the popular hashtags and topics on Twitter will help you to be different from other pages and people will be more interested to see the content that you publish.


Go live on Twitter

Going live on Twitter might not be a popular feature like Instagram but some people are interested in watching Twitter lives. You need to choose an interesting topic to make users eager to wait for you to go live and be certain that you can gain lots of Twitter followers this way. The first thing you should do is to share a tweet and announce that you’re going live to an event in 2021 and tag the people participating in your event and this way you can prepare your followers to know about what you’re about to do. Now you can offer the users rewards to encourage them to retweet your live tweet and remember to use hashtags that are related to this event


Ask your website users to follow your Twitter account

You can ask the people that visit your website to follow your Twitter account for seeing specific content or ask for their opinion about your Twitter posts. The content that you publish on your Twitter account must be different from your website or other social media content. This way you can add your most effective Twitter content to your most visited articles on your website and encourage the users to follow your account on Twitter.


Use visual content

We all know that tweets with photos and videos are more attractive to the users than textual tweets so using them can gain you lots of followers. Try to create short videos or photos to attract the users’ attention and get better feedback. Twitter has added the stories feature to one of its last updates which shows the importance of sharing visual content.


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