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how to increase Instagram security , Protect your account

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Considering Instagram is known as one of the most important software in the world these days, Instagram security and how to increase Instagram security is one of the most important challenges for everyone, because Instagram users put their most important information in this network and need to have the confidence to protect their personal information.

You may have heard that many users have recently lost their pages due to Instagram hacking. You may think that hackers are only attacking popular pages and are not looking for pages with few followers. You should know that pages that have a lot of followers are usually highly secure; so hackers mostly target low-follower pages.  So one of the most important questions regarding Cyberspace is how to increase Instagram security.

There are points that must be observed to increase Instagram security. You can also check some items in the settings section of the Instagram application to increase the security of your page! In this article, we will mention the most important ones.

  1. Registering the email in the page profile

One of the first things you need to do after creating an Instagram account is registering your email. Although you can work on Instagram without email and with a phone number, having a valid email that you have access can increase Instagram security.

In cases you forget your Instagram password or your account encounters an Instagram challenge, having a valid email can guarantee that your page will be restored. Even when the page is hacked, having an email will help you a lot.

  1. Setting up a phone number on your Instagram account

Having a phone number on your Instagram page can increase this social media security even more.

In cases that you do not access to your email or sending problems via Instagram, sending an SMS is the best way to solve the page problems.

Setting the phone number can also be used when the password is forgotten and the account is challenged.

  1. Choosing a strong and unpredictable password to increase Instagram security

Choosing a password for your account that is unpredictable helps a lot to increase Instagram security. For example, do not use your date of birth, national code, phone  number  and so on as your password.

In creating an Instagram password, it is better to use all the password generation factors, like English lowercase letters, English uppercase letters, all numbers, as well as characters, so that hacking your Instagram password cannot be done.

  1. Connecting Facebook account to Instagram

Another ways to increase Instagram security is connecting your Facebook account to your Instagram account. In this case you will be able to enter your page without a username and password. To do this matter, you must first create a Facebook account and then link it to your Instagram account through the Account Center section in Instagram settings.  Then, when you are logging in, use the Login with Facebook option.

  1. Activating two-step verification

Two-step verification is one of the options that help a lot to improve the security level of your Instagram page. If you enable this feature, even if someone has your username and password, they will still not be able to access your page. Because it will need the second password to enter the page.

  1. Checking the Login Activity section to find out if the page has been hacked

Through the Login Activity section, you can identify the devices that are logged in your account. If there are anonymous devices in this section, you can delete them from your account.

To access this section, enter the Security section from Instagram settings and click on the Login Activity option. In the opened page, you can see the list of logged in devices in your account. On this page, you can disconnect other devices from your account by selecting the Log out option.

  1. Privatizing your Instagram account!

One of the things you can do increase Instagram security is privatizing your Instagram account. In this case, only people with your permission can view the content of your page. To preview your Instagram account, it is enough:

-Log in to the Instagram application.

-Enter the Instagram settings by clicking on the 3-line icon on the profile page.

-Enter the Privacy section.

-Enable the Private Account option.

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