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how to hack whatsapp conversation, new tips and tricks

how to hack whatsapp conversation

hack whatsapp conversation is one of the topics that users of this social network are very worried about it. Of course, if you feel that someone else can read the messages and information between you and your audience, you will not feel safe.

is workable? Can WhatsApp conversations be hacked? In this article, we want to acquaint you with this issue and provide you with more explanations in this regard.

Earlier, a social media security researcher revealed that WhatsApp is a vulnerability and that a hacker can hack the entire WhatsApp application using just one GIF. In fact, after sending this gif, your phone is prone to hacking, and the first time you open your phone gallery to send an image or video to someone, your phone will be hacked & hack whatsapp conversation will be occurred.

Here are some ways in which a hacker can hack your WhatsApp application. Do not forget that hack WhatsApp conversation or other people’s phones in general is illegal as well as immoral. You can use this article to prevent others from hacking you.

1.Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web Edition is an online version of your WhatsApp application that runs on your computer. In this version, as soon as the Internet is disconnected, all the information is deleted and it is not like the original version connected in the phone where all the information is stored. If someone can access your phone for a few seconds and scan your WhatsApp code on the WhatsApp web version, they can easily access your information in WhatsApp & hack whatsapp conversation.

how to hack whatsapp conversation2.Download WhatsApp hack application

The second method for hack whatsapp conversation is to download an app called “whatsapp sniffer & spy tool 2016”. The app previously existed on Google Play, but has been removed from the list of apps to protect the security of user accounts.

You can download this program from various sites on the Internet. After downloading and installing the program, enter the phone number that you want to hack his WhatsApp account in the program and then you can easily access all the information of that person’s phone.

3.Download spy plc app

For hack whatsapp conversation The app comes in two versions with two different operating modes, but the same result. In the first version of this application, it must be installed on the phone of the person whose WhatsApp you want to hack. As soon as the program is installed, its icon is hidden and can not be found even in the application list.

In the second version of this app, you can access the desired person’s phone and just by connecting the program on your phone and entering the desired person’s phone number to his WhatsApp application.

how to hack whatsapp conversation

4.Use spoofing method

This method may be a little more difficult than previous methods, and this also makes it difficult for people who do not have much information about the digital world. In this method, you first delete WhatsApp from your mobile phone, then you get the Wi-Fi Mac address of the other person. After obtaining this address, you must download the two applications busy box and terminal emulator from Google Play and install them on your phone.

Using these two applications, you can change the Wi-Fi address of the other party to the Wi-Fi address of your phone. Then reinstall WhatsApp on your phone and enter the other party’s phone number instead.

After entering the contact’s phone number, the code will be sent to your phone and you can easily access the person’s WhatsApp account & hack whatsapp conversation.


In general, it should be said that hack whatsapp conversation  is very immoral and also illegal. All the tricks and methods mentioned for hacking WhatsApp were also so that you could know the methods of hackers and prevent your WhatsApp from being hacked.

You must have noticed that in most methods, if a hacker can access your phone even for a few seconds, he can hack the phone, otherwise hacking will not be easy. For this reason, it is better not to give your mobile phone to anyone, and if a suspicious program or file is sent to you, do not open it in any way and do not install it on your phone.



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