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How to fix Instagram security code , not workimg

Instagram security code trustsocial

Sometimes we need a 6-digit security code to log in to Instagram. This matter often happens when we have forgotten our password or Instagram for various reasons tries to verify the identity of users before logging in to the account. Unfortunately, sometimes this code is not sent to us and we do not manage to log in to Instagram. In this article, we intend to solve this problem and answer the question how to fix Instagram security code.

  • Fixing Instagram security code with recovery codes

Failure to send the security code of Instagram can cause many problems for users. Many users may have enabled two-factor authentication to enhance the security of their Instagram page. By not sending this social media security code, many users face the problem of logging in to Instagram.

If you have enabled two-step authentication before, you can use recovery codes to solve your problem. So, follow the procedure below. Of course, you must use this method before this problem occurs so that you can use the code that is provided to you:

  • Enter your profile and touch a few vertical lines at the top of the screen.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security and then the Two-Factor Authentication option.
  • Select Recovery Codes.

For canceling the current recovery codes and fix Instagram security code, you can also select the Get New Codes option on this page.

  • Fixing Instagram security code by checking the email

When entering an email, make sure that you enter it correctly.

Sometimes the reason for not receiving this code in the email is that the email settings have been changed. For example, it may be stated in the email settings that messages sent from the Instagram source will be deleted automatically. These messages may also have been sent in the spam section. So take a closer look at your email settings as well as its various sections.

  • Using the Get Help signing in option to fix Instagram security code

Open the Instagram application and select the Get Help signing in button on the login page. Enter your username and password on your iPhone and then tap Other Issues. In Android, you have to click on Use Username or Email and then enter your username and email. You will then be taken to a page that contains your username and profile. Here you have to select the option <Do not have access to any of these> or the option <Need more help>.

After completing these steps, you will be redirected to a page where you can write your problem and send it to Instagram. It usually takes two to three days for Instagram to contact you and re-request your username and other account information and sending you a link through it you can fix Instagram security code.

  • Fixing Instagram security code by using phone number

Like Whatsapp secuirty, you can also use your phone number to fix Instagram security code to the email. You must enter your phone number in the box instead of email. Of course, be aware that this must be the same number that you created your Instagram account.

  • Using another device to fix Instagram security code

Instagram security code trustsocial

Sometimes logging in to an Instagram account from a computer or other phone that uses the Internet and different IP address solves the problem of not having an Instagram code. so some IP addresses may have been blocked by Instagram for a variety of reasons. You can also use IP modifier software to do this.

  • Using Switch Account to fix Instagram security code

If the Instagram code SMS is not sent, in the mobile application, when you enter the login page, touch the switch account option at the bottom of the page. A new page will open. Clear username and password boxes if needed. Then touch Log in with Facebook to use your Facebook account to log in to Instagram.

  • Using hidden mode in the browser

To fix Instagram security code, this time try to log in to your Instagram account through your browser. First select the New Incognito Window option through the menu, and then enter the Instagram site and enter your username and password. Sometimes doing this matter will be useful in solving this problem.

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