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How to export messages in WhatsApp?

export messages in WhatsApp trustsocial

This might be a question for many people that how to export messages in WhatsApp and store them in our Email or any other platform? Messages are our private talking with lots of contacts such as friends, families, co-operators, and more.

Sometimes, it needs to export some of these chats for the same people on other platforms or want to store them in your private space. WhatsApp messages are no expectation of this rule and there are many users who want to do it. Let’s get to know how to do it correctly.

Why exporting?

Exporting the messages from one platform to another may be an important task for many users who want to keep copies or transfer the conversations to another social media. If you have ever looked for ways to export messages in WhatsApp, this article is your intended one to know about.

To export messages in WhatsApp, this is important to have an account and chats on this platform. Today, there are more than billions of users in this media who are daily chatting together and there are more than a trillion chats and messages that should keep in safe in Whatsapp and other social media. So, this is clear that it’s needed for this platform to present services to export the chats.

If you do not know how to export messages in WhatsApp, we are trying to help you in this way.

How to export messages in WhatsApp?

Exporting chats on this media is possible but the users should update the platform to the last version. After you update the application, it’s time to export your intended chats.

So, open up the app and go to setting. Click on chats and look at the list to find the export item. Click on it. The page of chats is shown to select. You also can choose the chats export with or without media which can reduce or increase the size of your file.

WhatsApp chats can be exported in zip files and due to the media, it levels up in size. After the messages get ready to export, the list of your applications opens. There are all of the platforms which support exported WhatsApp zip files.

Now, your contact should download the file and view the chats easily.

How long does take to export messages in WhatsApp?

Depending on the size of your file which is calculated by the number of messages, files, and media, it takes between 2 up to 5 minutes. Sometimes, if you want to export more media, it also takes up to 10 minutes.

export messages in WhatsApp trustsocial

Is WhatsApp a secure app?

Despite thousands of applications that have been released for messaging, WhatsApp could gain millions of trust because of its super-powerful cryptography features.

So, this application turned into one of the main and powerful apps for messaging and was difficult to hack Whatsapp by abusers. Today, the number of active users on this platform is more than billions.

Can I start secret chats with my contacts on WhatsApp?

In recent update versions of this application, there’s a feature that has been added and includes secret chats for the users who want to start it. When you go to your contact chat room, there’s an item Encryption and there’s a scan code for more security.

Can I export group chats?

Yes, all the groups include an item to export these chats and messages for other ones and related to the size of the messages and media, it takes 2 up to 4 minutes.

Is it a good idea to export messages for deleting the account?

If you are thinking about deleting your WhatsApp account and also want to keep some chats and files accessible, exporting messages in WhatsApp can help you. So, you can delete your account after exporting your intended chats to another media such as Email and …

Can I export the whole chat in a file?

No, you should export the chats in private or group states separated.

We talked about exporting messages in WhatsApp and answer the common questions about messages and their exportation in this application. It’s better to send the exported files to trusted users and do not share them with anyone else.

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