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How to delete telegram without confirmation code

delete telegram account without confirmation code

Delete telegram account without confirmation code is our today topic. It has definitely happened to you that for personal reasons you want to delete your Telegram account, but you do not know how to do it. Today I am going to talk about deleting your account or deleting your Telegram account and give a full explanation in Let me allow you to easily delete your account.


Telegram is a social network and program that can be both useful for us and can cause many problems such as your Telegram being hacked. Sometimes one of these problems is taking up too much of our day. If for any reason you want to delete your Telegram account, you can do so using the method described below. Just keep in mind that you should not forget to do this step by step.

delete telegram account without confirmation code

 How to delete telegram without confirmation code

First of all, let’s answer a basic question:

Can I delete telegram without confirmation code? Note that there is no way to delete a Telegram account without a code, so if you see something with this title, forget it. Basic and security changes such as deleting an account in Telegram due to the high level of security of this software can only be done through the confirmation code.

Can I install Telegram without a verification code? As we explained above, due to the high security system, it is not possible to install Telegram without a verification code. You can only set up your account using the verification code sent to your phone or your active telegram.

At the first, I must say that you can not delete telegram without confirmation code through Telegram settings and you should only do this through the following steps.

The first step is to delete the Telegram account To get started, you need to enter the link below and go to my Telegram access page.

After entering the site, you will see a page. Then enter the number with which you logged in or entered the Telegram. Remember to enter the prefix code of Iran, ie +98. As :


Then click the Next button. Enter mobile number The second step is to delete the Telegram account .After clicking the Next button, you will enter a new stage, where a code will be sent to you. Note that this code will only be sent to your Telegram account.

If you do not have a Telegram account open & want to delete telegram account without confirmation code, you must first have access to Telegram and logged in.

Enter the code to enter The third step is to delete the Telegram account. Well, in this section, all you have to do is enter the code sent to you in the telegram in the password field. Note that to copy the password from Telegram, you can select or select the exact same password, then copy or paste, then paste or paste in the password field. In the image below, you can see a sample code.

Enter the Telegram verification code

Step 4 to delete Telegram Account

At this stage, you will be asked for the reason for deleting your  Telegram account, which is completely optional, and you can click on the Delete My Account button or delete my account without answering. Confirm the code and hit the Delete My Account button. The final step to completely delete the Telegram account

In this step, you will be asked to click on the red Yes, Delete my account button to completely delete your Telegram account. Confirm Telegram account details without code. If you follow all the steps I described, you will see a green message indicating that your Telegram account has been successfully deleted.

Note that after deleting the Telegram account, your Telegram account will see the deleted account for those who were in contact with you, and there will be no trace of your profile picture and username, and the possibility of chatting and typing with the user account. They will not have.


If you think that a few days after deleting your Telegram account, you may still need it, it is better not to go to the deleted account, but in the meantime you can use the method of logging out of the account. In this way, you will not receive incoming messages temporarily and you will not be active in this app, but at the same time the chat pages and channels and groups you have will still remain. Actually you don’t need to delete telegram account without confirmation code.

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