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How to delete hacked Telegram account?

delete hacked Telegram account

delete hacked Telegram account is our today topic. Telegram hacking does not mean hacker access to Telegram application servers and user’s account; According to the official rules of Telegram, the hacker authentication to activate a new account or access the current account of users is confirmed only through the SMS code sent to the mobile phone, and it is possible that:


  1. The hacker took the login code of the SMS account sent to your mobile phone in any way and was able to log in to the account very easily; After that, it removes the access of your mobile, tablet and computer to Telegram and defines a 2-step password for the account.
  2. The hacker abused the facilities installed by Telegram to log in to the account for the blind, and after receiving an SMS, you answered the phone of the Telegram automatic operator (which will be called from an external counter) and inadvertently verified the identity of the hacker. These are relevant to delete hacked Telegram account.

After the hacker enters the account, you can immediately remove him from the account; If the hacked account already has a Telegram account, from the very beginning of the hacker login to your account, a message will be sent by Telegram stating the entry of a new device with the details of the operating system and IP hacker for your official or unofficial Telegram application. Remove the hacker from the account.

Otherwise, the hacker can restrict access to other devices and log out of the account within a few hours of logging in. It then activates the two-step login and registers a hard password for it; after that, you can no longer be redirected to your account, even if you have the verification code that has been re-emailed from Telegram many times. Follow the tutorial to delete hacked Telegram account.

delete hacked Telegram account

Learn how to delete hacked Telegram account

With the ways and methods that we teach you, after a certain period of time, your account will be deleted by the Telegram management with a two-step password. Also, the hacker will have access to your official or unofficial Telegram account, and then you can use the same number. Mobile Create a new account;

First, open the Telegram application and enter your hacked Telegram number in the international format and touch the button on the next page to send the login code to your Telegram account.

On this page, touch the “Send verification code via SMS” option and wait to receive a text message confirming your hacked account on your mobile phone. At this stage, a code is sent to your hacked telegram and the hacker notices your attempt to log in to the account. After receiving the SMS, the verification code will be automatically redirected to the next page

At this stage, the login code of the hacked Telegram account will be immediately sent to your mobile phone via SMS, which you must enter in the relevant work and enter the next page; Please note that the SMS code received from Telegram is valid for only three minutes and then expires.

To prevent the hacker from logging in to your hacked account, the hacker must activate a two-step password so that you can not easily log in to the account and restrict the hacker access; So press the Forgot Password option to go to the next step for delete hacked Telegram account.

Telegram Management sends a password to the hacker’s email to recover the hacked account; OK this window and do not worry about it. In the next step, this problem will be solved. The hacker may not have defined any email address to recover the second password for Telegram, so steps 5 and 6 do not include such hacked accounts.

delete hacked Telegram account

Touch the unavailable email option to enter the last step of deleting your hacked Telegram account and request to reset the account.

Telegram management is not able to recover your hacked account; so after receiving the telegram message, you will see a red button called Account Reset that you must activate. After requesting the account reset, the Telegram reverse timer will start working and exactly after one week, your hacked account will be removed from the root along with the two-step password and the hacker will be blocked from your account.


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