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How to create a telegram bot? step by step creating a bot

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This is a question for many users that how to create a telegram bot? Does it useful for Telegram operation? Telegram is one of the most popular social media like Whatsapp and Instagram for messaging and calling your contacts.

This type of social media is popularized in different versions which have been released during the time. The recent versions of telegram include bots for different usages. These bots are too much useful for channels and groups of thousands of members. Now, the question is how to create a telegram bot?

What is a telegram bot? 

Today, by updates of the telegram, this social media has an exclusive feature that bots are one of them. Actually, the telegram bots could make this media more popular because of the different features that it can bring.

Now, there are many users who want to create a telegram bot and use its different abilities which are mostly used for managing channels and groups. To create a telegram bot you should pay attention to a couple of things which are needed in the process of telegram bot creation.

If you are willing to create a telegram bot, follow up on the mentioned steps. 

This is interesting to say that none of the websites talk about creating a telegram bot correctly and if they do, you cannot create an advanced bot. Some of these websites also train to create a telegram bot by cost, but we train it free.

The features of the telegram bot

  • Ability to create pro keys
  • Ability to be added into the groups
  • Sending photos, files, text, and stickers randomly
  • Ability to send a welcome text to new members
  • Ability to say hello to the groups
  • You can send texts to the groups that your bot is on it
  • Ability to send group texts for bot members
  • Ability to say goodbye to the members who left

As you see, there are many advantages to create a telegram bot and helping you to manage your group as well.

How to create a telegram bot?

This is the process of creating a telegram bot step by step, so, do the same as the instruction says:

  1. Go to and click on Start.
  2. Choose a name and username for your bot. you can change the name but cannot change the username at all. 
  3. A message will appear from Botfather and you should click on newbot or create a new bot. you also can type and send it.
  4. Give your name and username that end with bot. for example, pummel-bot
  5. Now the bot will send you a code (token)
  6. Now the bot is already created and you can set up the whole setting of the bot based on your group and channel.

create a telegram bot trustsocial

How to create advanced telegram bots?

To create an advanced telegram bot, you can do the same steps that are mentioned here:

  1. Click on the link on Start or type and send it
  2. Click on newbot and insert the token that has been sent from the bot. the tokens are shown with a red color on the top of the message
  3. Now, your bot is connected to the server, go to the bot and see 6 keys have been designed for you, and it is possible to change them.
  4. By clicking on Help/ you can change the whole setting of your bot based on the groups

The work is done and you succeed to create a telegram bot in advanced or normal versions. You can order and set up the bot as you want.

Are telegram bots dangerous? 

Many users think that telegram bots are suitable for telegtam hacking and can be dangerous for your information. In fact, the bots are the abilities of the new telegram version and there is no danger for your data and personal information.

So, do not worry about telegram bots, but it’s important to create your bots only by telegram botfather. So, some of the websites might abuse users’ information and telegram accounts by asking for telegram passwords and usernames.

Be aware of websites that are not validated and might be dangerous for your account.

What is chatbot? 

Chatbot is a multi-operation and artificial intelligence for the users which can simulate the messages of messenger social media such as telegram. Then it will send and deliver the messages automatically.

By using of SendPulse, the bot can save and use the information later.

Is it possible to make a profile for telegram bots?

After you have been succeeded to create a telegram bot, a message <<bot_username send to you, by opening the link you can upload your photo, give a description, and create a list of orders for your new bot.

We talked about the ways to create a telegram bot in two normal and advanced versions for the audiences who want to create one.

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