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How to change security code in whatsapp

security code in whatsapp trustsocial

You may have seen the message <your security code in WhatsApp changed> . Sometimes people encounter this message while working with the WhatsApp application. This message means changing your security code in WhatsApp. All conversations, calls, pictures and files are encrypted in WhatsApp application. Each of your files and conversations is encrypted.

You can see the security code in whatsapp and the security code of each conversation in the details item settings. This is WhatsApp method for the security of users’ messages, despite these security measures, users are relieved that their conversations are not seen in WhatsApp Messenger. For some reason, the message your security code in whatsapp changed may be sent to you.

The reasons for chainging security code in whatsapp

-The person you are chatting with him/her on WhatsApp may have reinstalled the WhatsApp application on their phone for any reason.

-Maybe the person you are chatting with him/her has changed the model of their phone or line.

-WhatsApp type the person you are talking to is a WhatsApp business type

-The person you are talking to has deleted the chat page with you

-You may open your WhatsApp application and then decide to log out of your Whatsapp account, then the message your security code changed in WhatsApp will be sent to all your contacts on this social network.

When you change your mobile model and once again install the WhatsApp application on your phone, the message security code in whatsapp changed will be sent to your contacts and there is no need to worry. To make sure that this message does not carry bad news, it is enough to check the code sent to you with the code sent to your contacts. The codes must be exactly the same. This code is a 60-digit number or QR code that you can see on the contact information page.

You may find the message “your security code changed” in WhatsApp unpleasant for you and you prefer not to see this message on your phone all the time, so you are looking for a solution so that this message is no longer seen on your phone screen. One of the ways you can Do not see this message is  going to WhatsApp settings and disable some of its items To deactivate its items you need to do the following steps, which are in order:

-Open your WhatsApp application and enter the phone settings

-Then log in to your account and click on the Security item.

If there is a tick on the active item, you can delete it, so you will no longer see the message your security code in whatsapp changed. Messages are encrypted when you uncheck Security, but your WhatsApp code changed message will not be sent to WhatsApp.

security code in whatsapp trustsocial

Confirming the security code in Whatsapp for contact page

All incoming and outgoing messages are encrypted while these messages have a security code. The confirmation message of security code in whatsapp that seen on the WhatsApp page is an optional message and does not need to be confirmed. Security codes are common in terms of the number of people chatting with each other. You can compare codes with each other. If the codes are different, you cannot see your contact message on the WhatsApp chat page. These numbers or secret codes are the key for you and the contact you are talking to you. You may be wondering if someone can secretly access my phone and write down this code and use this key can access my chat page with the contact. Don’t worry, this code is not the main key. The main key is not visible.

How does WhatsApp encryption keep conversations secure?

This social media security of sent messages in messaging applications such as WhatsApp is one of the basic principles of the design of this messenger. To prevent whatSapp hacking by hackers and spyware, WhatsApp created a global encryption system on its messenger. It is done inside WhatsApp on your phone, and this encryption and key are different for each message and are only available to your contact. Your security code in whatsapp changed is a security message that due to the security structure of WhatsApp, you sometimes see it on your chat page.

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