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How to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone? – trustsocial

backup whatsapp

How to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone?

If you use WhatsApp as the main tool for communicating with your friends and family, it might be necessary for you to back up your data in this app. This way, if you lose access to your phone or if you have to uninstall and reinstall this app for any reason, you won’t lose all of your information.

Many users have problems with losing their important data and information, especially those who use WhatsApp as a platform for communicating with their customers and run their business through this app. To solve this issue, you can back up to prevent your data from being lost.

Note that you need to back up WhatsApp data on your iPhone regularly to access your backup in case of any issues. In this article, we will teach you how to backup WhatsApp data on your iPhone. Also, increase your social media safety to protect your account against getting a WhatsApp hack.

backup whatsapp

How to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone using iCloud?

Using iCloud is one of the easiest methods for backing up an iPhone’s WhatsApp. Apple has provided a cloud storage service called iCloud that allows iPhone users to use free storage space for backing up their photos and videos on WhatsApp.

Note that if you haven’t already logged in to your iCloud account on your iPhone, that’s the first thing you need to do.

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How to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone automatically with iCloud?

Go to your iPhone’s settings and make sure and make sure iCloud is enabled on your device. Select iCloud to make sure the iCloud backup feature is activated. After that, you’re allowed to back up WhatsApp or any other apps that you want on your phone.

Now select WhatsApp and go to Settings> Chats> Chat Backup. Then, select the Auto Backup option to automatically back up your WhatsApp data.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s better if you do this every once in a while. This way your WhatsApp messages and data are backed up every few days and you can make sure that you won’t lose any necessary information.

How to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone manually with iCloud?

As we already mentioned, using the automatic WhatsApp backup is the best option, but sometimes you might want to do this manually.

For instance, you might have a very important conversation with someone and it might not be enough for you to take screenshots. In such cases, you can easily back up these conversations manually.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter WhatsApp on your phone and open the Chat Settings. Then select Chat Backup and click Backup now.
  2. Select the iCloud or Google account that you want to use for backing up your data.
  3. After this, all of your WhatsApp data is safe and you can restore it anytime you have an issue displaying chats.

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How to back up the WhatsApp data on iPhone without using iCloud?

If you don’t like to use iCloud for backing up WhatsApp data for any reason, you can use other techniques. For example, one of these techniques is using iTunes to back up WhatsApp.

How to back up WhatsApp data using iTunes?

Using iTunes is one of the simplest ways for backing up WhatsApp data on an iPhone. If you’re using Mac, the iTunes platform is installed on it by default but if you’re using the Windows operating system, you can download iTunes from Apple’s website and use it for backing up WhatsApp and your other software. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download iTunes’ latest version and update your iPhone device.
  2. Use the same USB cable that you use for charging your phone to connect your phone to the computer.
  3. Check to make sure that you’re connected. If you’re using Mac, a notification will appear at the top right of your screen and if you’re using Windows, you will see this notification at the bottom right.
  4. Tap on your iPhone at the top left of the iTunes application and then tap the “Backup Now” button to start the backup process.
  5. This completes your WhatsApp data backup and you can then reconnect your phone to the computer to restore the data.


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