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Hide WhatsApp Blue Tick

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Hide WhatsApp blue tick is so demanded nowadays. WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature that lets senders of the message know when the receiver reads a message. You may wonder if you are able to prevent other people from realizing that you have read their messages. We will elaborate more on this subject in the current article.

What Is a WhatsApp Blue Tick?

As you know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms with a huge number of users. Before you learn how to Hide WhatsApp blue tick, we will explain this item. As we mentioned above, when you send a message to someone else on WhatsApp security and he reads it, you will face a blue tick at the bottom of your message. On the other hand, these blue ticks show that your receiver has seen and read your message.

It is worth mentioning that you can see other ticks on WhatsApp while sending a message. The first option is a single tick in gray color. Your message has been sent to the receiver, but he hasn’t delivered it yet. Another tick that you may face is a double tick in gray color. This option means that your message has been delivered to the phone’s receiver. The last option is a double tick in the blue color that we mentioned above and it means that your receiver has read your message.

How Can You Hide WhatsApp Blue Tick?

After you know no the concept blue tick on your WhatsApp, it is good to know that you are able to hide this tick. If you hide the blue thick of WhatsApp, the sender of your message will not recognize whether you read the message or not. Many people are looking for ways to enable this option on WhatsApp. You may want to enable this feature for various purposes. In this part, we mention the steps of hiding blue tick in WhatsApp.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp On Your Device

The first step in order to hide WhatsApp blue tick is opening WhatsApp on your device. It doesn’t matter if you have a WhatsApp web on your desktop or a normal WhatsApp on your phone. Just click on the app icon and open it easily.

Step 2. Tap On Three Dots

after opening the WhatsApp platform on your laptop or cellphone, you will face the main page of the application. You will face three dots in the top right corner of this page. Click on this option and move away.

Step 3. Go to Settings

If you want to hide WhatsApp blue tick, you have to go to the setting. After the second step and opening three dots on the right top corner, you will face some options. The last option is the “Setting.” Choose a “Setting” option on the last one.

Step 4. “Account” Option to Hide WhatsApp Blue Tick

After choosing the setting option, you will enter a new page with some menus. Find the “Account” option and you can see this main page. As you see, this option is the first one in this menu.

Step 5. Choose the “Privacy” Option

Once you choose the “account” option on that menu, you will face another menu with some options. Now, you have to select the “Privacy” option on the first of the menu. This option is accompanied by a lock icon.

Step 6. Enable the “Read Receipts” Option

In the privacy option, you will see many factors about your profile, status, last seen, etc. Scroll the page down and on this level, you are able to see an option which is called “Read Receipts”. If you want to hide WhatsApp blue tick, you have to enable this option.

Now, you can make sure that the sender of your messages won’t be able to see the blue tick of the message that they have sent. If you want to disable this option, you just need to do the same steps and disable the read recipient option easily.

The Last Word

Hide WhatsApp blue tick is a popular feature that many people work for. This option allows you to read others’ messages on WhatsApp without knowing. In the mentioned article, we noted some important steps to enable this option. If you want to hide the blue tick on your WhatsApp, read the following paper and use its information.


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