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Hackers use telegram bots to steal users data

Hackers use telegram bots trustsocial

Telegram has been very popular among users for several years and many features have been added to this messenger, which have led to development and increase of Telegram users. The capabilities of Telegram can be considered as the openness of its sections! Openness means that you can make your own sticker, robot, channel and groups with more than 10,000 members, this option can attract many users to Telegram and the reason that all people use Telegram. But our question is whether Hackers use telegram bots? And whether Telegram robots made by users or service companies have access to our information or not?

What is a Telegram Robot and why hackers use telegram bots?

Telegram robot is an unreal character that is made by programmers in Telegram and is used in all kinds. The capabilities that can be added to the robot are very high.

Robots are made by the father robot (@botfather) Robots made by the father robot have no use and are as useless as building skeletons. To launch a robot, the first thing you must do is referring to the father robot, otherwise you cannot build a robot, even if you are a professional programmer. After you build your robot in the father robot, you can connect the server to the robot and set up the features you want for your robot.

Can Hackers use telegram bots for hacking our account?

In answering to this question, we must say that no, Telegram robots have maximum access, like a normal user in Telegram, and no access, including access to messages, photos and…. They do not, and people who say that Hackers use telegram bots for hacking your information are sorely mistaken!

Hackers use telegram bots trustsocial

Why do someone say we have been hacked by robots?

Telegram account cannot be hacked in any way. Even the founder of Telegram has been offering a $ 300,000 prize for someone who can hack Telegram account for several years, and that award is still in place.

This matter shows that the Telegram manager is confident in the security of this messenger and can even reassure users of the security of this messenger.

People who say that our account has been hacked due to their own simplicity and have shared their account information with abusive bots or users.

Because people rely on anything that is a machine, they may easily pass on the passwords to their other accounts to a telegram robot. Hacking this way is more common and easier than social media hacking servers. For example, a telegram robot tells you that if you want me to send you new e-mails on Telegram, give me the e-mail address and password. You also give the password thinking that “it is a safe robot” and…

Of course, Telegram itself provides users with a special robot. This robot is very uncharacteristic and safe. His job is sending every message that you send to his subscribers. It does nothing else. You do not even know who your robot subscribers are. The “Chi” robot is one of these harmless robots. It does not have spam.

Robots and a law called Privacy Mode to forbid Hackers using telegram bots

One of the most important tasks of robots is that they are added to different groups and among human communications, they perform their main task such as informing, searching and the like. When you add a robot to a group, the question is always on your mind, like Instagram hacking. can Hackers use telegram bots for hacking your account? The answer to this question is in the Privacy Mode mechanism;

The robot, coded and executed in Privacy mode, will not receive all group messages, but will receive messages that have the following features:

1- All messages that start with a slash ‘/’

2- All Messages that @mention the bot by username

3- All Messages that Replies to the bot’s own messages

4- (Service messages (people added or removed from the group.

This limitation is both to increase user security and to save robot server resources. This mechanism helps robot designers avoid millions of additional processes. This mechanism is enabled by default but can be disabled.

But even if the Privacy Mode mechanism is disabled, reading all messages by the robot does not mean spying. In fact, even in this case, the Hackers use telegram bots but robot does not understand all your messages and only the messages that are defined and meaningful to the robot are processed. So, even outside of Privacy Mode, a robot does not have much spying power.

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