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Hackers accessed telegram messaging

Hackers accessed telegram messaging

Telegram is the most popular app in the social media market. Many people around the world use this program to easily contact their friends and relatives. This popularity of the Telegram app may have been a motivation for hackers and even yourself to want to hack someone else’s Telegram account. You may also think that Hackers accessed telegram messaging, so you may have been the victim of a telegram hack and are now looking for a way out of the hack.

In any case, whether you want to try hacking other people’s telegrams or whether you want to prevent or eliminate hacking your telegrams, the first question that arises is whether it is really possible to hack telegram? Can anyone remotely control other people’s telegrams?

In this article, in addition to answering this question, you can learn about the methods that hackers use to hack Telegram and also know about the actions that you need after Hackers accessed telegram messaging.

Will Telegram be hacked?

This messenger is not hacked but the person is attacked. Hacking Telegram servers is a very big project and it is very difficult, but maybe the users of this messenger will be attacked by hackers.

What information do we lose if Hackers accessed telegram messaging?

The hacker can only access the messages (chat) in the telegram. He/she can also find the number that is in the profile. It can also understand your cell phone model along with the IP you last used in Telegram. Your phone contacts will also appear in the Telegram contact list

If you have a photo or video in groups, personal chats can be accessed. But it will not access your phone gallery or files in any way.

How do we know we have been attacked?

For this purpose, it is enough to go to the Telegram settings, then to the section that called security in Telegram, and then to the active meetings section. In this section, all the devices that are in your account, i.e. in your telegram, are displayed

The phone model of the person + the person’s IP + the last time he visited and etc. shows you. If there is a device other than your device, discard it. After doing so, be sure to enable the two-step verification.

Know the methods that Hackers accessed telegram messaging

1-Hacking the main Telegram server

Hacking telegram server is a method that no hacker has ever been able to do. Telegram server is where all the details of the accounts as well as all the messages (except Secret Chats) are stored. Therefore, if a hacker can access the main Telegram servers, he has in fact accessed telegram messaging of all users of this application.

You have probably heard by now that Telegram has held many contests that if someone can hack the Telegram server in any way, great rewards will be awarded to the hacker. The same thing about Telegram is enough for us to know that hacking this social media in this way is impossible, and if it were possible, the world’s biggest hackers would have done it and received the award.

2-hacking Telegram with authentication code (5-digit code)

This is the easiest way that Hackers accessed telegram messaging. But it also has disadvantages that we will mention below.

For doing so, you only need the other person’s phone for less than 1 minute.

The first step is installing a copy of the Telegram application on the hacker’s laptop or phone. The next step is creating an account with the victim’s phone number. At this stage, Telegram wants a 5-digit authentication code. This code is sent to the victim telegram. If the hacker has access to the target phone, he can easily remove that code and after entering it, take control of the entire account.

3- Hackers accessed telegram messaging by Using phone hacking apps

There are different types of phone hacking programs, some of them allowed Hackers accessed telegram messaging.

In this method, a file is sent to your mobile or computer system, which can be a game or other application software. You may install and run this software or game and be satisfied with its performance, but during the installation, the software asks you for permission to access the private parts of your mobile or computer, and you, regardless of the text and wishes. The software has issued this permission. The software then starts recording and sending all the buttons you press on your phone or keyboard.


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