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Hack whatsapp using email

Hack whatsapp using email trustsocial

Hackers can send viruses, key loggers, or any other malware into your computer or phone via a simple email and a malicious link. With doing so, they just need to be a little more intimate with you so that when they send you their link in a simple email, you click on it and Hack whatsapp using email. In this article, we want to know about hacking whatsapp using email.

WhatsApp hacking via email or Gmail

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messengers around the world. It is interesting to know that out of 7 billion people on earth, about 4 billion people have access to the Internet that more than 2 billion are WhatsApp users, and WhatsApp is practically the messenger of at least half of the people who are connected to the Internet.

When a messenger is so popular, the attempt to hack his accounts or even WhatsApp itself increases, and more people and hackers try to find different ways to hack WhatsApp. On the other hand, almost all cyberspace users value their information very much and do not like to be hacked at all. This is why these people are also looking for ways to increase the security of their WhatsApp account.

The point is that the security of messengers is usually very high from the server side and they protect their information and servers well and minimize the possibility of hacking.

If WhatsApp security is high, then how to Hack whatsapp using email?

First of all, it should be said that hacking WhatsApp through access to the main server is almost impossible, because one of the honors of this program is the high security of its server. But WhatsApp is hacked in other ways as well, in a way it can be said that hackers bypass WhatsApp. There are several ways to bypass doing so, one of them is hacking WhatsApp without using the program, which requires direct access to the person’s phone.

Phishing; It is one of the most important and well-known branches in social engineering. Phishing or trapping is basically a way in which you can trick a person to send you the information you need through a fake login page. Of course, the point of WhatsApp hacking is that WhatsApp, like other messengers, does not have a login page and asks you for a one-time code for each login. But with a little creativity and a variety of methods, you can hack your target side without even seeing it, with a calculated and planned phishing attack.

Hack whatsapp using email trustsocial

How to hack whatsapp using email?

Regarding How to hack whatsapp using email in this way, it should be said that the person in question needs to do the following steps:

First, run WhatsApp on the device and enter the main page.

Then you can see the menu icon in the upper left corner of the chat as three dots. The hacker must tap More> Export Chat.

In the next step, the hacker must upload the option to export the chat to the Gmail account without media or with the media in the chats.

Finally, it should be noted that the hacker must first select Gmail, enter his email address and click “Export”.

If he has selected the chat with media files, all photos, videos and audio files will be attached to the email and the chat texts will be uploaded in txt format. In this case, the hacker can send the history and all the chats and account information of the person to his email and retrieve them through his email.

Today it is not possible to extract WhatsApp messages through the msgstore.db file. But there is another trick to getting all the victim messages. The hacker creates a backup file of all your messages and conversations and emails it in the form of a text file for himself and easily reads all your WhatsApp messages.

Ways to deal with hacking whatsapp

-Check your email to see if it sent any unknown messages from your email.

-Use lock software for WhatsApp and your email.

-Lock your phone using the pattern lock.

Important Note: Under the Cybercrime Act, hacking social media accounts such as Instagram hacking or messaging will result in fines or imprisonment.

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