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growth hacking social media 2021, tips to guide you

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We hear a lot these days about growth hacking social media and whoever is the victim of the hack has lost a lot of user and confidential information. In this article, we are going to talk to you about some of the cases that show the growth social media hacking.

in 2021 and provide you with more information.

The main reason for hacking Telegram and Instagram users is ignoring social media  security tips.

Recently, we have witnessed a significant growth in the hacking of social networks, especially Instagram users.

After hacking a person’s social network, criminals send messages requesting financial assistance for various reasons, such as a car accident, hospitalization, etc., stating the amount and account number to all the victim’s friends and followers.

Friends and acquaintances of the hacked person, after receiving the message, thinking that their friend has a problem, deposit the requested amount to the account number.

Examination of growth hacking social media & such cases reveals that victims of predictable passwords such as national code, ID number and mobile number as the password of their social networks and backup email have not been considered, which has become the most important factor in hacking users’ accounts.

In other methods, criminals try to obtain users’ passwords under various pretexts, such as winning a prize, increasing the number of followers, and so on.

Do not forget that with a few small steps you can increase the security of your accounts & decrease growth hacking social media, remember to use complex passwords and do not share this password with others. Also, by activating the two-step password, increase the security of your account as much as possible. By placing a backup email, you can expect your account to be returned if it is hacked.

In such cases and circumstances, users should contact with their friend if they receive a financial aid message from their friends and make sure that his request is correct and then seek help.

Hack social networks by sending SMS

One of the ways which increase growth hacking social media & is needed to log in to citizens’ accounts in cyberspace is to access via a login or membership verification code, and usually a login code sent via SMS is required to log in to social networking software in addition to the password.

Profiteers sometimes call users’ mobile numbers to receive this verification code and announce that they have been called by a certain organization or competition and need the code that was texted to them for verification.

We recommend that you do not send SMS verification codes to anonymous people by phone or SMS, and note that in order to win any contest, lottery, etc., you do not need to provide a verification code to their number. There is no text message to other people. Citizens should also change their social media passwords periodically and do not use simple or guessable passwords.

Telegram hack

Internet users must first enable security tips when logging in to social networks.

Some time ago, a person went to the police station and stated that an unknown person had access to all his private content and pictures on the Telegram social network, and the issue was put on the agenda of police detectives.

With the technical measures of the police experts and the collection of the necessary documents, the accused, who was a friend of the plaintiff, was identified.

During the interrogation, he confessed to his misdemeanor and stated that he had removed the Telegram activation code from his friend’s mobile phone at an appropriate time and had access to his account information  & this event increase growth hacking social media.

Individuals can increase the security of their user information by activating the two-step verification option on all social networks.

Trusting others in cyberspace is one of the harms that can cause irreparable damage to people & cause growth hacking social media. Do not give your mobile phone to others because some profiteers have taken advantage of this opportunity and information You are being robbed


In general, the growth hacking social media in 2021 can indicate a decrease in trust between different people and also increase public awareness. It does not matter which social network you use, because in the end you should focus all your attention on protecting your personal information that you share on these networks and do not allow anyone to access this information.

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