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how to fix telegram reports?

fix telegram reports

fix telegram reports – Being reported or blocked on telegram is one of the problems that many telegram users might face. In this article, we are going to explain everything about being blocked and reported on telegram.

We will explain the reason for this and tell you about the difference between blocking and reporting and most importantly we will teach you to fix telegram reports.

What does reporting in telegram mean?

Reporting in telegram is a technique that doesn’t allow you to send messages to anonymous people that you don’t know and you’re only allowed to send messages to people that you have their numbers on your phone or you can send messages in groups.

Note that there’s another mode like reporting called rip chat that works the same as reporting but you cant send messages in groups.


Why are you reported on telegram?

One of the most important reasons for reporting on telegram is that the users might report you as spam to provide social media secuirty, because they don’t trust you but there are also other reasons for this. in the following you can learn about the reasons of reporting on telegram

Using last seen recently mode for a long time

Using unofficial versions of telegram application

Subscribing to channels and groups that contain immoral content

Sending more than 100 messages to users every day

Sending illegal stickers to telegram users

Sending messages with authorized links to other users

Using other people`s personal profile pictures

People that add you to their groups and then remove you


learn to How to fix telegram reports

After you are reported on telegram, telegram might somehow punish you. If you’re reported for the first or second time you will be limited by hacking telegram and things will get back to normal after a few days and if you’re reported multiple times your account might get disabled by telegram.

What to do when you are reported by mistake

If you’ve been reported by mistake you can contact the telegram administrators, you can use @spambot for doing this. Take the steps below to send a request by using this robot.

Search for spambot in the telegram`s search section and open the robot. choose the start button and tap on the `this is a mistake` option and click on the yes option

Also, choose the No I never option, and in this section, you can inform telegram administrators that you have been reported by mistake and ask them for removing your report.


What does block mean in telegram?

When you block someone on telegram that person will no longer be able to send you messages or contact you. in the following you will read everything about blocking on telegram.


How to block someone on telegram?

Blocking someone on telegram is very simple all you need to do is taking the steps below.

Open your telegram application and go to the conversation page of the person that you want to block.

Click on that person`s profile picture and click on the three dots symbol in the upper right corner of your screen

Click on the block option to block that person and stop him from contacting you.


How to get out of a telegram block?

You can use two methods for getting out of a telegram block.

First method:

delete your telegram account

If you want to get out of a telegram block you can easily delete your telegram account and create a new account and this way you can contact the person who blocked you but you need to note that all of your information, chats, and files will be deleted after deleting your account.

Second method:

delete your telegram account and keep your information

For using this method, before deleting your account you need to transfer all of your information to another number.

This way you can return your information to your account after deleting your account and creating it again.

Now you can send messages to the person who blocked you but keep in mind that if you delete your telegram account multiple times telegram will report you as spam.



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