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In this section, we have compiled some of the most FAQ of users that we have encountered many times.

Nowadays, social media has become one of the main parts of our lives and it’s important to keep our social media secure and prevent getting hacked by scammers and frauds. hacking means finding entry points in a system and causing infiltration. hackers hack computer systems and networks to gain access without permission and allowance and they use different ways for entering a system. the target of hacking is to steal data and information from the system or damage the system. hackers might have different reasons and causes for hacking a system. their purpose varies from getting revenge on someone or even extortion. you need to increase your social media security to prevent getting hacked and having all of your data exposed. cause you can be a victim of hackers and easily fall for their scam.

There are different and various types of hackers. hackers can do all kinds of things from draining money from bank accounts and hacking your social media and stealing all your information. some hackers might have evil intentions but we also have good hackers called white hat hackers that help companies and people to prevent infiltration and they fix security problems. hackers charge differently.it depends on the hardship, ethic, danger, and the time they need for hacking a system. for example, for hiring an A Hacker Pro and Dark Net Hacker you need to pay something around 200 dollars per hour. hackers could be expensive based on the work they need to do because many systems have high-security levels and infiltrating them is not a simple thing to do.it might take a few days for a professional and experienced hacker to hack a system.

Social media refers to applications and websites that are made to allow people to communicate and share content from all around the world. you can be in touch with your friends and family and share your life with them. social media have become a vital part of our lives and living without them seems hard and impossible. social media has many advantages and benefits for us but it also has some disadvantages and like every industry, it can cause us some problems and trouble. these networks have created new opportunities for us but they have also created threats against us. social media security is about protecting it against threats and the procedure of analyzing social media information actively. hackers can access your personal information through social media or infect your system by entering viruses into it.so it’s important to expand your social media safety and reduce the risk of putting your safety in danger.

We all use social media in our daily lives. ever since social media appeared on the internet there were challenges and issues with social media securities. usage of social media has increased and almost everyone in this world uses these networks. A lot of people of different ages, genders, and educations are the users of them but there are things you need to do to protect your social media security.


1.choose a hard password: choose a strong password and change it regularly


2.protect your identity: never share your personal information and try to keep your profile private


3.manage your privacy settings: only share information with people in your network


4.be careful about shady messages: don’t fall for phishing messages and frauds


5.close unused accounts: don’t leave your personal data in an old account


6:block the people that bother you: block people that you don’t want to have access to your account

Anything that can connect to the internet can be hacked. but there are things you can do to protect yourself and your information and prevent hackers from getting into your system. in this case the first important thing for you to do is to expand your device safety. all social media platform are hackable and now that they are increasing more and more every day, they have attracted many hackers to hack their system. any server and any system can be hacked and skilled hackers can easily infiltrate them. social media makes people able to communicate with family and friends and share photos and videos and easily be in touch with everyone all around the world but people often underestimate their importance and value to hackers. some social media websites have higher security systems but this fact doesn’t make those systems impossible to access. you need to make sure that you protect your social media security.

Nowadays, the whole world uses social media platforms. they have made our lives easier and they have many advantages and benefits. they have enabled us to contact our friends but with all the threats in the cyber world and the risks of sharing our information with the world.it’s essential to protect your security.no social network is completely safe and secure but there are social networks with higher securities. it is suggested that you pay attention to the reputation, comments, creator, and rate of the program. here is the list of the top 10 social media platforms


1.Telegram 2.whatsapp 3.Reddit 4.Twitter 5.Youtube 6.Instagram 7.LinkedIn 8.VKontakte 9.Facebook 10.Skype