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Fake Account on Telegram

Fake Account on Telegram trustsocial

Most people are trying to make a fake account on Telegram and use it without requiring them to add their actual phone number. With the help of Telegram accounts, you are able to send messages to your friends, families, and your dear ones. We are going to introduce the ways to create a fake account on this platform in the current article. If you want to have a fake account on this application, read this article carefully.

As you know, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Like WhatsApp and other social media, you need to add your phone number while entering Telegram. On the other hand, some people don’t like to add their phone numbers. We recommend these people create a fake account on Telegram in order to avoid adding their phone numbers.

The popularity of Telegram is rising extremely because of its unique messaging features. Users can send many messages and keep their identities anonymous on this platform. By following some steps, you are able to use Telegram without your phone number. If you create a fake account on Telegram, you ensure that your content will be secure and hackers cannot achieve or hack Telegram data.

Fake Account on Telegram with TextNow App

The easiest way to create a fake account on this app without adding your phone number is by using a popular app named TextNow. With the help of this application, you are able to create a fake phone number from the Us or Canada and then verify your phone number easily.

Step 1. Download TextNow App for Fake Account on Telegram

The first step in creating a fake account on Telegram is downloading the TextNow app. This app is available on Google Play Store for Android phones. If you have an iPhone, you can see this application on the App Store. If you are using a PC or laptop, you can download TextNow from Windows Store or from App Store on your Mac.

Step 2. Setup TextNow App

After you download the TextNow app, you have to open it and follow the instruction to set up this application. During this process, this application gives you a free number. Make sure that you write down this number in order to save it because it is possible that you will forget it and cannot create a fake account on Telegram. If you have forgotten your phone number of TextNow and didn’t write it, open this now and tap on the three-lines icon on the corner of the page.

Step 3. Download Telegram App before creating Fake Account on Telegram

The third step is downloading the Telegram application. You can download this platform on the Google Play Store on your Android phone and from the App Store on your iPhone. After downloading this application, open Telegram and click on “Start Messaging.”

Step 4. Get the Telegram Verification Code

you have to remember the phone number that you have gotten from the TextNow app. First, you need to enter the same country as this application gave you the fake phone number. Then, add your TextNow phone number and then click on “Next.” Now, Telegram will send you a verification code to the TextNow number.

 Step 5. Verify Telegram with TextNow Number

If you want to create a fake account on Telegram, you have to open the TextNow application and add the verification code to Telegram. If you cannot see any code, you have to wait for Telegram to call your number on TextNow. After receiving the verification code, open Telegram and enter it in its specific field.

Step 6. Finish Telegram Setup

After adding the verification code on Telegram with the help of the TextNow number, your work is done. Now, you can finish setting up your profile on Telegram by adding your name or profile picture. Now, you can use Telegram with a foreign number.

The Last Word

Fake account on Telegram has huge popularity among users. Many people would like to use Telegram without their real numbers. In this article, we represented a method to use Telegram with a fake number and create a fake account. So, if you want to use the Telegram application without your real sim card, this paper can be helpful for you. Read it carefully and use its information.

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