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Telegram tutorials part 3

Telegram tutorials part 3
Telegram tutorials part 3 - In the last 2 articles ( all you need to know about Telegram ) and ( Telegram Tutorials part 2 ) we talked about Telegram and how you can use its different features and we are about to continue the same topic. Also for preventing Telegram hacking and increasing your security, you can be in touch with our experienced experts that will help you with hacking and social media safety.

this article is the second part of  Telegram tutorials with the name of Telegram tutorials part 3

< this is a Telegram tutorials part 3 article >

How to register personal stickers in Telegram?


You need to follow the steps in the following to register your personal stickers in telegram and we recommend you to use the desktop version of Telegram for this. the application and enter the settings and choose the stickers option in the messages section. For the Telegram desktop version, you need to type the address @stickers in a chat and click on the word that is hyperlinked.

  1. In the mobile version of the Telegram application, go to the bottom of the page tap the @stickers option. This will open the stickers Bot. Then send this robot a message and it will send the instructions for registering stickers in return. Here is the list of commands.

Newsticker pack

Add sticker

Delete sticker

Order sticker



  1. The first thing you should do here is to give the robot the command newstickerspack /. Then you need to choose a name for your sticker package
  2. Now you should select an emoji for your stickers. For example, if your sticker has serious content, you should choose a serious emoji for it. You can continue with the next step after selecting emojis from the emoji list and sending it to the robot.
  3. In this step you should send an image that is in PNG format and without borders to the robot and the robot will ask you to add emojis to the rest of your stickers to complete your package.
  4. Now send the ( /publish) command to the robot and choose a name for your sticker package and your sticker package is ready and you can share its link with your friends.
  5. You can send the / addsticker command to add stickers to your package even after the package is made.


How to block and unblock people?

Telegram allows you to easily block the people that disturb you. For doing this you just need to enter the profile of the person that bothers you and touch the three vertical dots on the top right of the page and you will see four options. Select the block option to get rid of that person. The person that you block won’t be able to see your profile pictures anymore and he will see the phrase Last Seen A Long Time Ago instead of your last online date. For unlocking someone, you should do the same things and select the unblock option.


How to add contacts in Telegram?

Telegram automatically adds the contents of your mobile phone to your Telegram’s contact list but here is how you can add someone if you don’t have them on your contact list. the contacts page and tap the + sign that is on the top right of the page. Then you will see a page where you can enter information like username or the phone number of the person that you want to add to your contacts. The second way for adding people to your contacts is for people that you have a conversation with but they’re not on your contact list. For doing this, enter the person’s profile and tap the three-dot symbol and choose the add option and this way that person will be in your contacts list.


How to mute a person, group, and channel in Telegram?

Hundreds of posts are published on groups and channels daily and their voice notifications can get annoying so you can easily mute them. To do this, enter the profile of the person or channel and select the notification option. Then you can see a page that allows you to mute the notifications completely or permanently.


How to pin chats?

You can pin important chats and messages in groups and channels so other people won’t miss the essential news. For pinning messages, just touch and hold the important message and select “pin to top”. By doing this, you can see this message at the top of the message list and everyone can easily see it. On the iPhone, you need to drag the important messages to the left and choose the pin option from there.



We continued our discussion about Telegram tutorials in this article and you can still continue reading about this subject in our other articles. Also it’s important to care about your Telegram and other social media safety to prevent Telegram hacking and we are here to help you with hacking and social media security. Be in touch with us for more information.


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