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Every thing about Social media security and privacy

Social media security and privacy

What is the main meaning of social media security and privacy? How can we ensure the privacy and security of social media? This is the right role for every type of social media in form of applications or any other websites to contain the specified privacy and security of its’ own users. 

These two important items keep and protect your information safe and never let hackers or abusers access them. In this case, let’s take a look at the phrases of social media security and privacy.

Every thing about Social media security and privacy

What do social media security and privacy refer to?

By increasing the scale of social media users, user security and privacy became an essential issue for all of the networks. Social media are online commitments that are providing grounds for the users to share some sources and their information for the other ones.

This sharing generally is managed for different targets such as entertainment, commercial, business, religion, and etc. The statistical researches have shown more than 400 billion users in different social media such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and … such media are good grounds for abusers to steal the information of the users which are personal or not. 

Many Telegram and WhatsApp hacking issues are reported from different areas and this becomes a global concern to keep the users’ info safe and secure.

So, the applications and social media make some roles and consider some conceptual technologies to create a safer space for users, in sharing photos, messaging, or any other things.

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Which social media threat is more effective?

It’s not possible to separate lots of threats but there’s a long list of these threats for the people who are using these social media. These items are including in:


  • User spying

Unfortunately, the people are using social media by allowing many personal accesses for the producers and it makes a ground for user spying by license level accessing, for example, access to the camera, reading phone, and contacts, finding the other accounts of your device, accessing the calls and memory, and …


  • Tracking the users by GPS

Today, all smartphones contain GPS for finding and reading maps. But this is so much useful for intelligencers to access your location everywhere and every time they want.


  • Releasing the malware on social media

Releasing many spams and malware in different fields on social media, one of malware called “Bot” which are abuses the users’ information by lots of names.


  • Social media influence

Hackers are a serious danger and abusers of social media. Hundreds of Instagram hacking and Telegram hacks are happening in different countries. Sharing some malware to make issues in your system and at least, accessing your data in less than a second.Every thing about Social media security and privacy


What do social media security and privacy include?

The security and privacy of social media include validation codes, two-verification codes, passwords, security questions, and … 

These items today operate in every type of social media to keep your account safe but this is not the last step of privacy because many tricks are planning to spy into social media one by one.

The security and privacy of social media will operate step by step as you register your account. Some of these items are essential and required for registering but some of the other ones are optional and you can add late. It’s recommended to activate all of these items for your safety.

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Strategies for social media security and privacy

By the pandemic of social media abusers, this is a time for the users to keep their information safe from these dark tricks. In this case, you need to pay attention to some items and be careful about whatever you want to do on social media.

  • Do not share all your personal information
  • Be careful to click on every link
  • Never accept the request of people who you do not know
  • Check out your privacy and security setting
  • Never share your personal data
  • Change your password regularly
  • Do not share your location when you’re traveling
  • Limit your connections between the users

Of course, these are recommendations to keep you and your information safe, but paying attention and observing these recommendations is completely up to you.

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