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Do you know WhatsApp tips and tricks?

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular types of messenger media among hundreds of other applications. This application is a good choice for messaging, and video or voice calls to the whole world. With a huge range of users in the whole country, someone might not know WhatsApp tips and tricks as well. So, we intend to teach some of these useful ones in order to optimize your usage time on this social media.

What are WhatsApp tips and tricks?

WhatsApp tips and tricks include some useful items that users might or might not know about them. In fact, WhatsApp tricks can be wonderful to know, so, the latest updates of this application release them.

Some of the tricks have been turned into a trend among the users and some of them have not. Known WhatsApp tricks can make a better experience for users to prevent Whatsapp hacking.

More about WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a kind of fast messaging application designed for smartphones in 2009, January, created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, two American computer engineers. This application has been bought by Facebook today.

Both IOS and Android devices can use this platform, moreover, WhatsApp can use on desktop and web. This application owned more than 300 million users in 2013, and this number increased to 1 billion in 2016.

According to Facebook, WhatsApp owned more than 2 billion users in the whole world. About 50% of internet and network connection users installed this software on their phones.

WhatsApp abilities are included in these items:

  • Video and voice call
  • Text messaging
  • Voice messaging
  • Sharing photo and video sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Location and live location sharing

During these years, WhatsApp has been released lots of updates for a better experience and since that time, there’re huge differences for this platform that someone does not know.

image of WhatsApp Tricks trustsocial

What are the WhatsApp tips and tricks?

WhatsApp tips and tricks have been recently added to this platform but many users do not know about them. So, we want to name some of these tricks to optimize your usage.

  • Bold, lined, and Italic letters

It has been a long time that these updates were added to the texts and letters of WhatsApp. You can add two similar symbols to the first and last of your intended word to make them different.

For bold words, use * before and after the word or sentence; *word*

For Italic words, use – before and after your intended word or sentence; -word-

For lined words, use ~ before and after the word or sentence; ~word~

For monospace on your text, use ‘ before and after the word or sentence for three times; ‘’’word’’’

  • Message reply

This is one of the most useful WhatsApp tips and tricks to continue the conversation and does not lose the messages you want to reply to. To use, this trick, pull the message to the right or tap on the message two times and press the left arrow on the top.

  • Emailing chats

Moreover, the users can store the messages on cloud storage, it’s also possible to email the chats to others. For emailing your chats to someone, go to setting, and press or chat section. Then, press chat history and tap on Email chat.

  • Who has been viewed your message on the group?

This is one of the hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks and many users do not know it. This allows you to see who views your messages in the group. For this trick, choose one message on the group and pull it to the left. Two sections of delivery and read-by will appear and show the names.

Attend this trick only works on your messages and you cannot see the view of other chats that came from your friends

  • Disable blue tick

All WhatsApp users know blue ticks mean your audience has been read your message. The arrangement of the message tick is in this way; one tick the message has been sent but not delivered, two ticks mean that message has been delivered to your audience. a Blue tick means your audience has been read the message.

Now, if you do not want to show a blue tick when you read the message, go to setting, account, and press privacy. Turn off Read Receipt. By turning this item off, you cannot see Read and blue tick for your audiences too.

  • Want to see the distance of your friend right now?

Live location is another WhatsApp trick and is a useful item for times you’re going somewhere with your friend. This live location helps to see each other and the paths you and your friends are going.

For this trick, open your friend chat, press on +, and press on location. Press share live location and choose a time for sharing.

  • Disable Last Seen

Sometimes we do not want to share the time we’re in WhatsApp, disabling last seen is the main solution for this item. So, go to setting, account, and press privacy. Now, change the statue of the last seen to nobody, everybody, or my contacts.

You also can choose someone exclusively to see your last seen.

  • Limitation of profile photo

If you do not want that all the people do not view your profile photo, which means who have your number on their phone, you can limit it only for someone. For this trick, go to setting, account, and tap on privacy. Press profile photo and change its status.

  • Two-step verification

For more security of your WhatsApp account, you can use two-step verification. This allows a 6 digit password when you want to log in to your account into a new gadget. Go to setting, account, and press the two-step verification item.

  • Make a personal space for intended messages

This is a useful part of the messenger to store and save some messages or files for yourself, so, there’s no need to find them in different chats.

For this trick, create a group and add one friend, then delete the member from it, now, change the name of the group and store your messages and files there.

This application does not have special and various features, but the users love this messenger because of its high-quality voice and video calls and also fast messaging. Of course, by using WhatsApp tricks, it’s able to find something interesting to provide and a better experience.

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