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Different types of hackers and what they do

Different types of hackers , types of hackers

types of hackers – Nowadays the development of technology has made everything easier and faster for us. but there are lots of information among these technologies. hackers can gain access to this information and use it for their targets. hackers can have various reasons for stealing information such as extortion, damaging systems, harassment, interfering with people’s privacy. hacker is someone that can infiltrate different systems and give them instructions to do what they want. not all hackers are harmful and have malicious intentions. some of them look for vulnerabilities in a system and try to solve problems.

types of hackers , Different types of hackers , Different hackers

 Types of hackers

There are different types of hackers and they do different tasks. in the following, we’ll discuss various types of hackers and what they do.


White hat hackers

White hat hackers are the types of hackers that penetrate a system to detect flaws in them. they increase the security of the systems by preventing the infiltration of other hackers instead of damaging a system. what they do is legal and they get paid for it. they have also other names like penetration testers, ethical hackers, and security analysts.


Black hat hackers

Black had hackers penetrate a system to damage it or to steal information from it. they are responsible for writing malware and they hack systems for personal or financial reasons or maybe just take revenge. black hat hackers usually get a ransom for their illegal tasks.


Grey hat hackers

Grey hat hackers are technically a combination of black hat hackers and white hat hackers and they do both of their tasks. they sometimes penetrate a system to fix problems and increase the security of systems but they can also damage systems by breaking into them. therefore they can be both good or evil.

Different types of hackers

Blue hat hackers

Blue hat hackers usually detect weaknesses within the software. software companies hire  These types of hackers to find any possible vulnerability and security bugs in the software before releasing the software to the market. but they can’t find all of the flaws in a system. they are considered to be ethical and good hackers but some of them have evil intentions and only seek revenge.


Red Hat hackers

Red hat hackers are somehow similar to white hat hackers. they do anything to prevent black hat hackers attacks. their difference with white hackers is that they don’t obey any rules and can get ruthless against back hat hackers by trying to destroy their attacks.


Green hat hackers

Green hat hackers are the ones that have just started learning about whatsapp hacking. they don’t have much knowledge about hacking but they are determined to learn. they try to become professional and skilled hackers and they don’t usually cause harm to the cyber world.


Suicide hackers

Suicide hackers seek destruction. Their goal is to destroy the infrastructure of countries. They have bad intentions and cause harm and these kinds of hackers don’t care about anything.


Hacktivist hackers

These types of hackers hack government websites to show their protest. These hackers hack government and institutions because of their inappropriate actions. they publish their opinions on the most visited pages.


State-sponsored hackers

These hackers work with governments to penetrate other countries’ systems. they aim to steal data and damage their systems.


Cyber terrorists

These hackers have special skills. they have political and religious reasons for hacking and their purpose is infiltrating sites that are against people’s political and religious beliefs and cause severe damage to their systems.


Script kiddies

Basically, these types of people are not really hackers. they don’t have enough knowledge about hacking computer systems and they use other hacker’s tools for hacking. even though they don’t know much about hacking but they can cause severe destruction to the system.


Summery of types of hackers

There are different types of hackers and they can hack any server like a piece of cake and you can’t stop them completely. but you can increase your social media and cybersecurity by educating yourself about it. you can protect yourself by knowing their intention. also, can help you with social media security and hacking, and protecting your safety. you can contact our experts for more information


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