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Telegram Deactivation page , how to deactivate Telegram account?

deactivate telegram account

Deactivate telegram account is our today topic. Telegram is our favorite messenger of Iranians. Daily people through this app send and receive news, advertising, informative and interesting materials, greetings and condolences & etc. in the form of voice, video, text, stacker and more messages.

In the meantime, people may not want to use their account for a while and do a temporary telegram to correct the temporary deactivation operation. These people do not intend to delete hacked Telegram account permanently and want to use their account again later, but for now. They do not want to use this program and want to leave Telegram temporarily; then they need to know about deactivate telegram account.

deactivate telegram account

The question is whether it is possible to deactivate the Telegram account or not? Does doing this cause a problem for the account or not? How long will the account remain inactive and … the answers to your questions will be in the continuation of this article.

The first important point is that the temporary withdrawal period from Telegram is 12 months, and if you do not log in to your account after this period, your information will be deleted forever.

Reasons for temporarily deactivating Telegram

For Telegram Active Account, everyone can have their own reason, but the people when they are tired of the Telegram program and want to not use it for a while, or because of problems and a series of discussions about It happens to them with others, they decide to use deactivate telegram account page.

There are some who do not want to be in contact with people due to their inability or unwillingness, and they have been forced to do so, and now the only way out is to leave the app.

Of course, some people, such as students and busy people, when they are in special and crowded situations such as exams, projects & etc. prefer to take a temporary detox to free up their time and be more alone. Experience Telegram and after this period, log in to your account again and communicate with others.

deactivate telegram account

Guide to deactivation and temporary withdrawal from Telegram

Now, if you are one of the people who intend to deactivate the Telegram account, open deactivate telegram account page & perform the following steps to temporarily leave Telegram:

Steps on androids

First, we will examine the desired steps in Android phones:

  1. Enter the telegram and point to the three lines in the left and top corners.
  2. Now point to Settings to enter the settings.
  3. On the next screen, point to the three dots on the right and top and select “Log Out” from the small menu that opens.

This will deactivate your account and you will be able to log out of Telegram temporarily. Note that if you uninstall the program, your account will still be protected.

Steps on iPhones

  1. First, point to Settings to enter the telegram settings.
  2. Now in the opened page, select the “Edit” option.
  3. Here, you will see the Log Out option in red in the middle of the page, point to it. You have easily succeeded in performing the Telegram account deactivation operation.

How to reactivate Telegram account

In the previous step, we taught you how to temporarily disable Telegram, and you could easily log out of your account. Now in this section we want to teach you how to reactivate your Telegram account. But before expressing the method, I would like to draw your attention to a very important point:

If you have ever entered the Telegram account deletion page, you will see that in this link, the account deletion has been deactivated, and according to Telegram, there is no real deletion of the account, and only your account will be deactivated, but your information Remains in the Telegram database. Keep in mind that by doing this and using the deactivation option of this site, all information including messages, groups, channels, contacts, etc. will be deleted and will no longer be reversible. Therefore, the only way to temporarily disable Telegram is the Sing Out option in the program itself.

Reactivate the deactivated account in Telegram

  1. If you have uninstalled the Telegram application with deactivate telegram account, download and install it again, and if you have it, enter the Telegram application.
  2. Re-enter the phone number you used for your account and wait for the activation code to be sent to you.
  3. Type the received code and log in to your account, as you can see, your account remains the same and the information of contacts, chats, channels, groups, etc. is still there.

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